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Ask Email Guy - 11/01/06

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Ask Email Guy
Date: November 1, 2006 11:55 AM
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What kind of Web Mail problem are you having?

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Posted by: Lin Garber   |   July 18, 2007 1:49 AM    |   (1151)

This is about an interface problem between webmail and EarthLink mailbox (I use Total Access for my email). It has been a recurring issue for more than a year. Sometimes I have succeeded in getting a fix through help on chat or by phone, but whatever is done by the tech helper begins to deteriorate after several weeks.

I can find out that I have messages waiting for me by going to webmail, even though the Email tab on the EarthLink task bar may tell me either that the number of messages can't be determined or that there are no messages. When I know that I have messages that I want to download into my popmail I click "Check" -- and when the problem is at its worst, as it has been for the last 12 hours, the cursor will either go immediately from "Connecting to pop.earthlink.net" to "Connecting to spamblocker," or will try to connect to pop.earthlink.net for several minutes and then go to spamblocker.

Usually, after several disconnect-connect maneuvers (wasting ridiculous amounts of time on the slow dialup which is all that is available in my area) the system will finally catch on and will "log into" pop.earthlink.net, informing me that is now downloading n of n messages, and it finally works out.

This past day, however, I have wasted at least a full hour in a futile attempt to download the 7 messages that are in my webmail that I know I want to store in my popmail, and it has refused to do so.

I know your main responsibility is webmail, but since you call yourself "email guy" may I hope that you can offer some suggestions to solve this major irritation? I am really on the verge of moving to another ISP altogether as a result of this problem.

I think it will be helpful to you in finding a solution to know that this isn't an email problem, it is absolutely a problem with your Internet connection. I can't really troubleshoot connection problems effectively in this forum, and you really need to contact tech support to do this. I would suggest you have your phone line checked for noise (free from the phone company) and make sure your modem is operating properly and has up-to-date-drivers. Sorry there isn't more I can do from here.

Email Guy

Posted by: jim marsh   |   July 18, 2007 7:17 AM    |   (1152)

I am using one of your anonymous email addresses, I ask company to send me some information.
Were do I go to find the information they sent mo ?
thank you

When you use anonymous email addresses, they appear as individual folders in Web Mail, and all messages are delivered there.

Email Guy

Posted by: Aurea   |   July 18, 2007 8:15 AM    |   (1153)

Why doesn't Earthlink Webmail offer a button that states "Mark Mail as Unread" like other email providers do?...

Thank you.

When you are viewing a message, look at the upper right corner of the message view and you will see "Mark Unread". This link is not available in the preview, only the full message view (since the message can't be displayed in preview and still be unread).

Email Guy

Posted by: Dave Campbell   |   July 18, 2007 8:20 AM    |   (1154)

used to be that when you signed out of web mail the screen went back to the sign in form; some months ago it changed to go back to Start page - requiring another step to get back to webmail (I have multiple emails that I like to check at one time) - plz advz if this can be fixed as it must bother others as well as me...thnx/Dave

See this for instructions to change that setting.

Email Guy

Posted by: melinda taylor   |   July 18, 2007 11:04 AM    |   (1155)

Please help me!
Iissue: need to read an e-mail sent yesterday.

Accessed many times for over an hour trying to receive an e-mail sent yesterday that is URGENT MEDICAL ISSUE! net often states user name or password incorrect. same info input every time and on internet many times looking at e-mail received and obviously working to contact you for help. HELP ME.

E-mail does not show recent ones. when on internet, often new mail comes in while working, day's worth of mail since used last.

If you receive a message that you believe was delayed and didn't get delivered promptly, then you can forward it to me for investigation (as an attachment so I can see the headers, choose "As Attachment" by the forward button) or you can just View All Headers and just cut and paste those headers to me, if you need to keep your content private. Send it to email-guy at earthlink dot net with a note that it was delayed and I'll investigate. By "delayed" I mean by an hour or more after it was sent.

I'm not aware of any recent issue where email delivery was delayed on our end by anywhere near a day.

Note to others: that address only accepts messages I have specifically asked for or approved in advance, and all others are immediately deleted.

Email Guy

Posted by: Kathryn   |   July 18, 2007 2:37 PM    |   (1156)

It seems that I'm getting tons more spams when I use Webmail as opposed to using my email from home. Is that the case? Thanks for answering.


No, it makes no difference, and you receive the exact same emails. Those are just two ways of checking the same mailbox. Depending on what software you are using at home, you might be filtering additional spam out of your Inbox locally on your computer. But the same messages are delivered.

Email Guy

Posted by: Randy C   |   July 18, 2007 2:44 PM    |   (1157)

I have a quick question. When do you think you guys will increase the storage limit size from 100mb? Also, when is the upgrade coming out that will allow the user to compose all messages in html (colors and fonts) versus the default setting of plain text?

Thank you for all your help!

The trial for GB mailboxes is going on now and will be for a few months with small groups of users. Then this fall we will start migrating everyone to larger quotas.

The new rich text toolbar, that will allow you to save your preferred font settings and always default to those for new messages, will be in Web Mail 6.0. That isn't far off, 2-3 months, and it includes a lot of other major updates.

Email Guy

Posted by: Sherri Ezell   |   July 18, 2007 2:57 PM    |   (1158)

I've been having problems forwarding messages and also attachments for six months or more. More than half of my recipients respond saying the area was blank or there was nothing to open. I read on the blog that this was being corrected, so I tried sending a couple things again asking the recipients to respond and tell me if they received anything. I still received some negative responses. I can receive anything.

Send a message like the one you had trouble with, to email-guy at earthlink dot net and I'll see what happens. We did fix the problem with forwarding attachments (released 7/6), and it is working as far as we know and on cases that we tested.

Note to others: that address only accepts messages that I have asked for or approved in advance and all others are immediately deleted.

Email Guy

Posted by: Steve Roberts   |   July 18, 2007 3:42 PM    |   (1159)

My company passed out Treo 700w for use with our Microsoft Outlook email system. Treo works fine for that.

On Internet Explorer I would like to check my personal email account @ix.netcom.com I get an error message.

How can I check Earthlink email on a Treo handheld?


In the email software you are using on the Treo (not the web browser) set up your earthlink account. The server is pop.ix.netcom.com for checking messages (or pop.anydomain for all domains we support), and you can use the same server as your company account for your outgoing messages.

Web Mail does not currently support mobile devices or small screens, so you need to use POP email on those devices with whatever email software is available on the device.

Email Guy

Posted by: Betty Graves   |   July 18, 2007 4:25 PM    |   (1160)

Sometimes when I receive an email with a picture attachment, the picture is not there. Sometimes I get the picture and forward it to my friends, and they do not get the picture. What causes this?

The forwarding part should be fixed. The missing picture in received messages could be a problem with the sent message. To confirm this, you can forward a sample to me at email-guy at earthlink.net using the Forward As Attachment option, and I'll see what's wrong.

Note: that email address only accepts messages I ask for or approve in advance, and all others are deleted.

Email Guy

Posted by: Gordon Abney   |   July 18, 2007 8:36 PM    |   (1161)

My home computer blew up and I want to access my e-mail from another computer, but when I did what the guy told me to do it appears that you are trying to set up an account. I already have an account and want to get to it.

You can access Web Mail from any computer by just browsing to webmail.earthlink.net.

Email Guy

Posted by: steve lowery   |   July 19, 2007 12:02 AM    |   (1162)

i was wondering when the new version of webmail will be released. also i had used mindows mail for my emailing this last week i starting using the webmail and earthlink has the best webmail.
steve lowery

Minor updates and bug fixes are released about once per month. We have a major release called 6.0 that we are working on, with many big improvements, coming in 2-3 months.

Email Guy

Posted by: lauren   |   July 20, 2007 4:09 PM    |   (1163)

How do I access already opened e-mail from web mail?

I'm assuming you mean email you have already downloaded to your computer using other software like Outlook Express. You should read this FAQ.

Email Guy

Posted by: S.C.   |   July 21, 2007 9:09 PM    |   (1164)

I access my email by logging on to "www.springmail.com" -- I have been composing my
emails with the "color/graphics" selection. As of late, when I try to write an email, the
text prints out in double-spaced format---which is very annoying if you are writing a
long email. In the "plain" mode of writing an email, it doesn't happen. But I prefer
the color/graphics format. I have tried to diddle with every "help" button and preference
selection process available but nothing seems to address the double-spacing problem.
Any ideas?

This is a known bug that will be fixed soon.

Email Guy

Posted by: KMTolman   |   July 22, 2007 4:54 PM    |   (1165)

I was using EarthLink Total Access but discontinued and currently get all my EarthLink email via webmail. Can I delete the Total Access software from my computer without affecting webmail use?

Yes, Web Mail does not require any special software, only your browser.

Email Guy

Posted by: Dan Coviello   |   July 22, 2007 9:14 PM    |   (1166)

I am unable to activate "webmail" on my laptop any more. I can access webmail from other computers, however, when I try with my laptop I notice in the status bar that it attempts to load but then changes to "error on page" and that's all, no email. I can access some email with total-access but am unable to generally connect to the webmail function so I can see all my email (ie., the special addresses for security). I'm wondering if my earthlink software on my pc is corrupted.

Web Mail uses only your browser and does not require or use any software installed on your PC. Deleting your browser cache (delete temporary internet files) and then restarting your browser should clear up the problem you describe. If it doesn't, you may need to reinstall or update your browser on that computer.

Email Guy

Posted by: Elizabeth   |   July 23, 2007 3:23 PM    |   (1167)

I have searched the FAQ and found a question similar to mine but doesn't provide the answer necessary to correct the situation. My email was getting full months ago so I downloaded all of my email to my outlook program - it did not erase off of the web so I began to go through and delete (I didn't know that I could do an all select at that time) it was very timeconsuming and frustrating - only to find that the emails were still bouncing -

Now I get another email saying my email is full when the quota is only showing 40% or so - I've gone through and deleted pages of email yet it is still bouncing my emails.


I have rebuilt the index of your mailbox to make sure that the percentage used is shown correctly in Web Mail. Check the usage now, and it should be in sync.

When you retrieve your messages with Outlook there is a setting in the advanced account settings to "Leave a copy of messages on the server" and you apparently have that enabled. Uncheck that option if you want Outlook to remove the messages from the server.

Email Guy

Posted by: James Ellsworth   |   July 23, 2007 6:38 PM    |   (1168)

Why is it that I can only send 3 attachments at one time?
What can I do to have the abiltiy to send more than 3?

In Web Mail 6.0, to be released this fall, you will be able to attach more files.

Email Guy

Posted by: Rick Nicolas   |   July 24, 2007 10:37 AM    |   (1169)

I would like to download/export the items in my sent box to Microsoft Outlook. Also, when my e-mails download to Outlook they remain on my webmail. is there an option to delete them when downloaded??

See this FAQ for both answers.

Email Guy

Posted by: Mike   |   July 24, 2007 3:59 PM    |   (1170)

Thanks for providing a wonderful service.

Do you have any plans to expand the product to calendar (like Outlook) and shared file posting (which I have seen in another product called DeskNow) ?

For file sharing, check out weblife.earthlink.net. We don't have immediate plans for a calendar.

Email Guy

Posted by: Angela Crawford   |   July 24, 2007 8:57 PM    |   (1171)

My parents are fixing to switch from Earthlink Internet Service to another service, but my mom wants to keep her email account. Is there any way for her to keep it if she is no longer using the Internet Service? If so, what does she need to do to keep it? She doesn't want to change the email address/user name. Thanks :)

Yes, she can convert the account to email-only for $3.95 a month. See details here.

Email Guy

Posted by: Melissa Shyan   |   July 24, 2007 11:00 PM    |   (1172)

We are on old IMac 600 running OS X 10.3.9. To add insult to injury, we can only get dial up where we live (hard to believe...but true). I'm giving this background to give this problem:

Our earthlink email (running on Safari) is now, 50% of the time, going to the Login page when we send mail, try to delete mail, try to open mail, and so on. This has been getting steadily worse for he past four days. I've just reset the preferences so that when we log out it will go to the login page again. But the problem of going to login page during routine email started before I made this change. Suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you,

The most likely cause is that something on your computer is deleting the session cookie that keeps your Web Mail login active. Check your security software and browser settings to make sure you are allowing all cookies from earthlink.net. If you can't get it to work, I suggest downloading the Firefox browser and using that.

Email Guy

Posted by: Brenda   |   July 25, 2007 7:59 AM    |   (1173)

For about the past month or so everytime I click on WebMail to begin checking my email, I get this dumb thing asking to write how I want my outgoing mail signed. At that time I must type something in the box and then click on save and continue. At that time, I get my emails and a message at the top stating my personal selections were not saved. What's up with this email guy?

See this entry.

Email Guy

Posted by: Bob Grebe   |   July 25, 2007 2:45 PM    |   (1174)

Is there a way to permanently(?) set both my Write Message and Reply screens to use the Color and Graphics mode? It seems that it comes up Plain unless I reset it most of the time.

Currently that setting can't be saved. We are changing this to allow saving the mode for new messages, including saving your font and style settings. That feature will be in Web Mail 6.0 this fall.

Email Guy

Posted by: MCVotaw   |   July 25, 2007 4:07 PM    |   (1175)

How can I get my computer to FORGET my email password? I accidentally clicked Remember, but my computer is shared so I meant not to. Thank you!

You clear the saved passwords in your browser's options. In IE you'll find this under Content settings. In Firefox it's under Privacy settings.

Email Guy

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