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Ask Email Guy - 11/01/06

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Ask Email Guy
Date: November 1, 2006 11:55 AM
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Posted by: Bradley Warner Tompkins   |   December 13, 2007 2:35 PM    |   (1676)

Hello, eMail Guy!

I have three suggestions regarding the Spelling Checker.

1) You should add the word "malware" to the dictionary. It's been a very long time since I've seen anyone go to the trouble of typing "malicious software". That and "malware" is an entry in its own right in most dictionaries now.

2) "Spell Checking" is an important topic in its own right. I searched the blog for "spell" and found the topic scattered all over the place. The two biggest themes were:
* "I misspelled something in my setup or preferences and webmail won't let me fix it."
* "Problems with, or words missing from, the spell checker."

3) You should gather at least the "Problems with, or words missing from, the spell checker." theme from the blogs under a single new page called (duh) "Spelling". I'm not sure if the other theme should be there too (to me it's a toss-up), but it seems likely users might think to look there first. ("Spelling Errors in Preferences" would be a good name for that page.)

3) Add a feature into webmail that lets users quickly and easily submit words for inclusion. Perhaps something as simple as highlighting a red-underlined word, then clicking a "Submit Word" button. Of course, if the submitted word is not red-underlined, then the button should generate an error message ("That's already in the dictionary!"). Also, of course, any words that are submitted would need to be manually vetted before actually adding them to the dictionary, since some users really are clueless about spelling...

If implemented, you would initially get a flood of submissions, but it should rapidly taper off as the dictionary matures. It might be prudent to create a blacklist from the bogus submissions so they only need to be manually vetted once. One sticking point will be names, which often seem to ignore every spelling rule known to man. Users would pretty much need to submit them through the blog. It might be appropriate to actually add only *famous* (and infamous) names to the list, since the number of obscure names could be endless...

(Did I ever mention, one of my duties before I retired was debugging and patching software?)

Doh! I just noticed "webmail' isn't in your dictionary either! Very odd indeed, since "webmail" is also an entry in its own right in most dictionaries now.

I Hope This helps,


Thanks for the suggestions. We did recently update the entire dictionary to one that contains about 4x the number of words that it used to. We use a dictionary that is compiled and maintained by folks that make dictionaries, so that we don't have to maintain it. It is a good idea, but probably not one we'll be able to implement. What I'd like to see instead, is a feature where we let users save supplements to the dictionary, which would be stored on their own computer and accessed transparently when they use Web Mail. It would be the standard "Add Word" feature, but obviously with a global server-side dictionary it can't be done in the usual way.

Email Guy

Posted by: Joyce Davis   |   December 13, 2007 5:58 PM    |   (1677)

My in-laws have an Earthlink mail account and I am their "tech support. For the last 1-2 weeks, most (but not all) of my emails and my husband's emails to them are going into the Known Spam folder. We are checking them and clicking "This is NOT spam", but it continues to happen. Both addresses are in their Address Book. They have Spamblocker set to "medium". I have tried changing the setting to "high", and then updating the address book for Spamblocker, but nothing changed. It would be very helpful if an option was available for a "Safe Senders List" other than the address book. In lieu of that, is there anything else that can be done?

It sounds like they are having a very unusual number of false positives. You are doing the right thing in using the "This Is Not Spam" feature, that is how false positives get corrected. It could take a few days. The address book and the High setting have no effect on Known Spam accuracy.

I'm working on a feature to be able to whitelist addresses to bypass known spam filtering. Right now you can't.

Email Guy

Posted by: Deb   |   December 14, 2007 4:48 AM    |   (1678)

Is there a setting somewhere that we canuse on our homepage to give an overview of all our email addresses at earthlink. Say like name of email account and number of messages in each (at the least)?
Is there a way to go between the email accounts without logging all the way out everytime?

I have several email addresses and I would like to see them all at a glance. This would help me and my business tremendously.


Yes, there is an Email Preview feature on the MyEarthLink start page, and you can set it up to show multiple mailboxes.

There is currently not a way to go between mailboxes in Web Mail without logging out and then back in. Most email software that you would have installed on your computer (Outlook Express etc.) will allow you to retrieve multiple mailboxes and display them all together, or filter them into individual folders.

Email Guy

Posted by: Lynnette Walker   |   December 15, 2007 2:42 AM    |   (1679)

I have lost at least 4 days of email (I did not delete them). Is there any way they can be retrieved? These are emails regarding school, emails from my counselor, and from professors regarding final exams. Please HELP!

I checked your mailbox logs, and your messages were retrieved and deleted by the other email software you are running on your computer (not Web Mail). You will find the messages in that software now.

See this FAQ for more help.
Email Guy

Posted by: Nancy Ambrosiano   |   December 15, 2007 8:35 AM    |   (1680)

My address book, no matter which browser I use, seems to come up in a huge, spread out format that requires scrolling back and forth to view it. Is there a setting I'm missing to make it fit the window better? Thanks, Nancy

You probably have an entry with a very long Name field entered, which will cause the column to expand in order to display that entry. It could also be an entry in the Phone column. Scroll down your list and edit the one that is causing this to happen. You'll want to edit the "Display Name" field on the edit page.

Email Guy

Posted by: Judy Stevens   |   December 15, 2007 8:21 PM    |   (1681)

I wrote to you in September (message 1428) and I think you misunderstood my question.

I *do* want to read emails in chronological order (in spite of some being threaded and some not). However, when I read and then delete an email (OR CLICK NEXT), I do not (always) get the next email in line (not necessarily the next email in that thread). Sometimes it jumps to the very last email, chronologically. Or some place in between. Then when I click on "inbox," I see that there are unread message in the middle of those I've read (and not deleted).

Thanks very much. This is a great service to Web Mail users.

The Next/Prev buttons (and delete) always go to the next message in the mailbox, regardless of how you may have sorted the columns. So if you log in and don't do any column sorting, and you use those buttons, the next message in the displayed list will always be shown next when you click the Next button. But if you have first sorted the columns by clicking one of them, that won't work, as the Next button doesn't pay attention to the column sorting, which is just a local display sort in your browser window. The button is going to fetch the next message off the server and show it to you.

This could be improved, but knowing how it works should be helpful.

Note that the order of messages in the mailbox will usually, but not always, match the date header shown on the message. If you move messages between folders, the last one in is the "newest" for display purposes. Otherwise, the display order is the order the message was delivered.

Email Guy

Posted by: Robert Grady   |   December 15, 2007 8:33 PM    |   (1682)

I've been warned about my storage space being full, so I've deleted a couple hundred messages that I was lazy about removing, but now the indicator (%full), does not show any reduction, as it has in the past. What should I do now?
R. Grady

Pardon the obvious question, but did you empty the Trash? Those still count as long as they are saved.

If you did that, then it is possible that the storage display in Web Mail has gotten out of sync with your actual mailbox size. I can re-sync it, but the operation will mark all messages in the mailbox as unread. If you want this done, send a message to email-guy at earthlink dot net and say that it's ok, and I'll do it.

Note - all email to that address is deleted unless requested in advance.

Email Guy

Posted by: Liz   |   December 16, 2007 3:27 PM    |   (1683)

Didn't see this question in FAQ: How do I access "Color and Graphics" when I am answering (replying to) emails sent to me in Web Mail. Rarely, the Plain/Color and Graphics link has appeared above the email, but if it isn't there, how can I access it (to type in a different color, etc.)? Thanks!

If you are replying to an HTML email (formatted text) then that mode is selected automatically. On a new message, or when replying to a plain text message, you must click on "Color and Graphics" at the top. Soon we'll be adding a way to save that preference. Note that the Safari browser does not support that feature, so you won't see it when using Safari.

Email Guy

Posted by: barry   |   December 16, 2007 4:04 PM    |   (1684)

I have checked previously, and wanted to see if anything can change in regard to switching from one e-mail address to another, as from a mindspring.com address to an earthlink.net. The current arrangement is quite cumbersome.

In Web Mail, the only way is to log out and log back in. We may add a feature in the future to allow you to toggle between your mailboxes.

Email Guy

Posted by: JACK SWEITZER   |   December 16, 2007 9:11 PM    |   (1685)

I would like to be able to insert a picture (file, .jpg, .gif, etc.) in the body of an out-going e-mail, rather than only being allowed to attach it to the e-mail. Any chance of this becoming possible?

Many thanks.

Web Mail does not currently have the feature to insert a picture inline. We plan to add that soon.

Email Guy

Posted by: JACK SWEITZER   |   December 16, 2007 11:19 PM    |   (1686)

Someone asked, on Dec 5, 2007: Can't you remove the 3 attachment limit on the "write message" dialog box? This is a real nuisance. I often need to include more attachments!

Until this is changed, I found a way around it. First, post your three attachments in the boxes provided, and then send to draft. Next, re-open your draft message . . . your three attachments will show above as attachments, and your three boxes for adding attachments will be empty, allowing you to add three more. Continue until all your attachments are added. I recently did it for 10. The only problem is, if the sequence of attachments is important, you'll need to add them in reverse order; that is, say you have 9 items to attach: start with #7-9, then 4-6, then 1-3.

That's a great workaround, and I wasn't aware of it. We are working on changing the feature so that you aren't limited to three boxes. In the meantime, I'm going to put your comment in the Tips & Tricks section of the blog.

Email Guy

Posted by: Roger C Fleck   |   December 17, 2007 1:30 PM    |   (1687)

Why can't I insert a picture in the text of my Email and thus not have to use Outlook Express when I want to do that.

Am I missing something?

Web Mail does not currently have the feature to insert a picture inline. We plan to add that soon.

Email Guy

Posted by: Vernon Crawford   |   December 17, 2007 2:30 PM    |   (1688)

My item is spam related. I am somewhat confused on the issue of blocking a domain. If I block a domain but have the person using that same domain in my address book, will I receive the email while my setting is on high?

The block will take precedence and the email will be blocked. This is explained on the page where you manage the block list.

Email Guy

Posted by: Gene Laughter   |   December 17, 2007 3:16 PM    |   (1689)

Using Web Mail, how do I address an email to a list that will show as "undisclosed recipients?"

You put your recipients on the "Bcc" line (blind carbon copy) and leave the "To" line blank.

Email Guy

Posted by: John   |   December 17, 2007 5:22 PM    |   (1690)

sometimes I write a long letter and then when I click send it says that I am logged off do to inactivity and my message was probably not sent and I should try again - only thing is I can not retrieve the note I wrote any longer, as I did not save a draft. Is there any way of getting my work back?

Currently in Web Mail, no. We are working on an auto-save feature. We are also working on the problem that caused your session to time out, when it should not have.

Email Guy

Posted by: Jim Hart   |   December 17, 2007 7:15 PM    |   (1691)

Is there any way to print my address book without all the ancillary colors, heading and such? I travel and use other computers and need to carry my address book in my beiefcase. Can I import it into Word or wordpad or...? Thanks.

Click Preferences then click Export Address Book. That will give you a CSV file listing all of your contacts.

Email Guy

Posted by: Donna Robertson   |   December 17, 2007 8:16 PM    |   (1692)

Why is my password not being remembered automatically when I have checked the box "remember on this computer". This just happened recently. Please answer. thanks

That is a feature of your browser, not Web Mail, which only saves your email address. To restore that feature in your browser, see the FAQ.

Email Guy

Posted by: RSLitman   |   December 17, 2007 11:19 PM    |   (1693)

A long time ago, I mentioned here that I could not easily select text to copy and paste from this blog. You mentioned that this was a problem in Internet Explorer 6. I finally upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 today. The selection of text works properly for me now.

Incidentally, I believe you have now passed the one year mark in maintaining this blog. Thanks for your efforts.

Thanks for the feedback. I began the blog in October '06 (see archive listing). It has been a great help for both sides, and your comments are always useful. I also was initially reluctant to use IE7 but I've been very pleased with it. I love the tabbed interface (which Firefox always had) now that I've gotten used to it. I always have four or five sites open at one time, and with IE6 you had to open multiple windows to do that. And IE7 fixed a lot of problems, like the one you mention.

Email Guy

Posted by: cindy   |   December 17, 2007 11:20 PM    |   (1694)

I had quite a few messages in my e-mail and now I only have one. I did not deleate them and want to know why they are gone and how can I get them back. What happened?

On Dec 15 at 23:35:59 EST the other email software you are running on your computer retrieved and deleted 22 messages from your mailbox. You will find the messages in that software now. There are other occurences in the logs too, where your other software deleted messages. Read this FAQ for more help. You can change that setting in your other email software.

Email Guy

Posted by: joe   |   December 18, 2007 7:48 AM    |   (1695)

When putting in my password for Webmail, the cursor jumps back into the user name field when ads are coiming up. Then I must type them over again. I have the pop-Up Blocker on, so I would like Earthlink to stop the jump back to username or better, remove those ads on the right side of the log in page.

A fix for this is included in our next release, which should be sometime in January.

Email Guy

Posted by: Arthur Tuoto   |   December 18, 2007 10:36 AM    |   (1696)

I have asked this question before, why does my mail go to web mail and out look express. The mail I have read is deleated, in outlook express and it remainds in web mail. then there is a notification about empty the web mail folder how come..

You have your Outlook Express set to leave copies on the server and not delete them when retrieved. This is a non-default setting and the checkbox had to be manually checked to be in effect. To change that setting click Tools / Accounts / Properties / Advanced and UNcheck the box for leaving copies on the server. See this FAQ for more help.

Email Guy

Posted by: T   |   December 18, 2007 11:44 AM    |   (1697)

Why can't I forward emails that contain animated items and/ or graphics? I'll click on the forward message link and when I get down to the actual email containing the graphic and/or animation I can't forward it. Thanks.

You can. If they sent you a nested message (message as attached file rather than inline), you can only forward it that way. You are actually viewing a part of the email (an attached file) and you can only forward the full email sent to you, not just the attached files that just happened to be another email message sent to the person who sent it to you. If they had sent you the message inline instead of as an attached file, it would work they way you want it to.

With a message like that, just click Forward when viewing the top level message, then select As Attachment and you will be resending exactly what you received, and your recipient will have to open it to view it just like you did.

Email Guy

Posted by: LL   |   December 19, 2007 7:40 AM    |   (1698)

In the past couple of days, I have had trouble replying to a message and get an "internal error" message. And then I find that all of the messages in the inbox that have not been read are gone. I kept clicking the "back" button and found the original messages there, but have never encountered this before. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes, you are running other email software on your computer at the same time and it is checking your mailbox at the same time as you are viewing Web Mail. That other software is retrieving and deleting messages out from under you. Don't run other email software while viewing Web Mail, just access your mailbox with one program at a time.

I checked your mailbox logs and confirmed this is what is happening.

Email Guy

Posted by: Randi   |   December 19, 2007 2:21 PM    |   (1699)

Seems to me that items in Suspect Email or in the Inbox, after being marked as "This is spam" and then reported as such, should be deleted and not sent to the Trash folder.

I agree and we have this on our list to fix. Messages reported as Spam are supposed to be deleted and not put in the Trash.

Email Guy

Posted by: JZ   |   December 19, 2007 2:56 PM    |   (1700)

I have been trying to remove a name from my blocked email addresses, but every time I hit save I get this message. "Sorry, an internal error has occured. Please click on the Web Mail link on the header and return to Web Mail." For one thing there isn't a Web Mail link on the header at this point. For another, when I go back to email via my earthlink where there is a Web Mail link, the blocked address is still there. By the way, 'occurred' is not spelled 'occured'. Thanks...and help!

This means that for some reason your Blocked Sender List has become corrupted and can't be edited. The only way I can fix this is to remove your block list so you can start clean. I can send it to you so that you can have the old list for reference. If you want this done, send a message to email-guy at earthlink dot net and let me know.

Note: all messages sent to that address are deleted unless requested in advance.

Email Guy

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