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High-priority open bugs as of 11/04/06 - 11/04/06

From: Email Guy
Subject:       High-priority open bugs as of 11/04/06
Date: November 4, 2006 11:07 AM
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Here is a list of some current user-facing issues that are high on our list to fix in upcoming releases:

  • (FIXED) In preview mode, some users can't select messages. See details and workarounds here.

  • A few users can't type anything into an html (rich text) message. See details and workaround here.

  • (FIXED) Trash folder contents are being deleted sooner than the preference setting. See details here.

  • Can't reply inline with quoted original html message. The bar on the left margin that indicates the original content, doesn't break to allow inline entry of your reply, and the reply must only be above or below the original message.
  • (FIXED) After Moving/Deleting the last message Web Mail should then display the remaining last message in the list.

  • (FIXED) Importing Address Book contacts with multiple email addresses cuts off the non-default addresses.

  • (FIXED) Text type file attachments will not allow you save/view them except for inline.

  • (FIXED) When forwarding, there is no indication of attached files being forwarded (although they are).

  • (FIXED) On the message listing, message line spacing is now too high by about 20% in 5.11.2.

  • (FIXED) Plain text compose font size is slightly different when editing than size when viewing plain text messages.

  • (FIXED) Rich text compose font size is slightly different when entering it than when viewing the received message.

  • Firefox browsers which do not have WMP set as default player cannot play audio captcha on the Allowed Sender request page.

  • (FIXED) The audio captcha only works on Windows.

  • Rich text compose does not work with MAC/IE and Safari.

  • Web Mail doesn't honor "Content-Disposition: inline" headers. This may cause some content to show up as an attachment when the sender intended it to be part of the message body.

  • (FIXED) Web Mail cannot display .eml files forwarded from TA mailbox or other clients.

  • Web Mail login.jsp file does not cache resulting in longer startup time.

  • (FIXED) Pasting html text into webmail compose doesn't always work right.

  • (FIXED) Auto-add address prompt on send should be automatically enabled with SB on High.

  • Delete from Suspect folder does not put in trash but deletes permanently.

Please report other issues either here or by using the Feedback link in Web Mail.


Posted by: jf78ds5   |   November 13, 2006 5:01 AM    |   (1)

It would be nice if you could look at the full headers and/or source before havig to open the content.

Posted by: Kelly   |   December 3, 2006 10:49 AM    |   (2)

For the past two weeks I've had incredible trouble with complete pages loading. It is only within Earthlink's Web Mail, no other internet site has page loading issues. The status line will read Done even though nothing is appearing. Occasionally, a partial load will take place after a long wait (20 minutes). Occasionally, there are no issues moving from email to email or category to category, but each attempt will at some point result in long waits or no activity whatsoever, again, with the status of 'Done'. Refresh some times brings a full page load, however, many times it had no effect. I would ultimately give up. Any others having this problem? What can I do to improve this? Thank you!

Posted by: Email Guy   |   December 3, 2006 10:56 AM    |   (3)

Kelly - I suggest you try deleting the cached files in your browser (temporary files) then close the browser and start again. In Internet Explorer this is under Tools / Internet Options. In most other browsers it will be labeled as Clear Cache. Let me know if this clears it up.

Posted by: Erinn   |   December 5, 2006 4:17 PM    |   (4)

Several months ago, I reported the following bug several times. After there is no longer any new mail in a folder, it continues to say "new" for a few minutes whenever the folder isn't open. Can you please give me some kind of rough estimate on how much longer it's likely to be till it's fixed? The purpose of the "new" is to catch my eye, but this bug is making me start to get used to it being meaningless! Also, it's a waste of time to keep having to open a folder as the only way to see if any of the emails in it are new. Of course, when the number is 0, then I know that the "new" isn't true, but no matter the number, it's very distracting and confusing when it's continually giving incorrect data as it is.

Posted by: EGhaffari   |   December 6, 2006 4:26 PM    |   (5)

Webmail has some "bugs":
1. After syncing, there are occasions where Webmail copies a home phone number or the top phone number into all of the possible phone numbers, so I have a list of the same number 5, 6, or 7 times.
2. For the second year in a row, after going through my address book, deleting junk email addresses, then syncing with Webmail, Webmail wiped out all of the Category fields/Group fields that I so carefully established on the email address side.
3. The sync at the Webmail side also has not included all of the deletions that I made from the email address side.

As far as I can tell, this is one screwy piece of software that has literally wiped out hours upon hours of careful database tracking of my address book information. You guys are getting REALLY bad.

Posted by: Email Guy   |   December 6, 2006 6:46 PM    |   (6)

Erinn - I've put this bug with the "new" indicator on our priority list.

EG - I've referred this to our Address Book expert for some assistance. We'll have some information for you soon, and a direct reply to your email.

Posted by: Scott Lovell   |   December 11, 2006 1:19 PM    |   (7)

The Web Mail Address Book has a problem that I just noticed the weekend of December 2.

The "Mailing List" function in the address book doesn't work anymore. If I add a Mailing List, it becomes a Group. If you put any addresses in the Mailing List, their Group changes to the Mailing List name.

I wonder if anyone noticed that this got broke in the last release? As a heavy user of Mailing Lists, this is very frustrating, and now all my Mailing Lists seem to be ruined, not to mention my Groups.

Anyone else notice this?

Posted by: Rodger Baird   |   December 18, 2006 6:55 PM    |   (8)

Safari usually has trouble opening to earthlink--says I don't have an internet connection--when I do (other macs in my house can open with IE, no problem). Repeated reloading usually works. Safari has a great deal of trouble with Earthlink web mail, finding my home page, etc. Google searches take 5-6-8 tries to get past the "not connected to the internet" message. I solved the problem, apparently, on a new iMAC by clearing cookies today. But the same stunt did not work on this e-mac with newly installed (2 weeks ago) Tiger. When I used IE on this machine, there was never a problem. Current count: 2 iMacs with Tiger, 1 e-mac with Tiger have the problems; one G4 on OS9 and one e-mac on classic/OSX, both with IE --no problem getting on the internet. These 5 machines are all on same ethernet. I can go from room to room and repeat the problems....so I assume it's an incompatibility between earthlink and safari. Is this a known problem with a workaround, or do I just need to put netscape on these 3 machines?

Posted by: Email Guy   |   December 18, 2006 10:53 PM    |   (9)

Rodger - I don't think this is an incompatibilty with Safari, it's a connection problem. We have a fairly significant Safari user population, and we test it ourselves. I suspect there is some issue between your firewall and Safari, or with the network settings on the computer itself, but it will have to be resolved on that end. I'm not familiar enough with networking issues on Macintosh to be of assistance on this. I also don't think the clearing cookies was related, I think that is coincidence. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Posted by: barry   |   December 19, 2006 2:30 AM    |   (10)

11/4/06 you write: "When forwarding, there is no indication of attached files being forwarded (although they are)." true, that's a bug. what about the fact that we're unable to forward a rec'd email that came with attachments without those attachments, similar to being able to reply to a rec'd email that came with attachments such that those attachments aren't returned to the sender? i don't always want to fwd rec'd attachments when i fwd a rec'd email. just like i don't want to send attachments back when i hit 'reply'.

Posted by: Email Guy   |   December 19, 2006 8:30 AM    |   (11)

That is the difference between Forward and Reply. A forward is for when you want to send all the original content to a new recipient. You can't selectively "Forward" parts of a message, although you can edit the displayed body part if you wish. It behaves correctly according to standard email conventions, but we are going to fix the part about not displaying the forwarded attachment names to the sender.

More information about message parts and attachments can be found in this comment.

Posted by: Brad Cowger   |   April 12, 2007 5:56 PM    |   (12)

Is there a setting that I need to change to forward attachments so they can be viewed by the recipient?

Yes. Select "As Attachment" beside the Forward button before you click it.

Email Guy

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