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Norton Security doesn't like our AJAX features - 12/13/06

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Norton Security doesn't like our AJAX features
Date: December 13, 2006 8:01 AM
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It seems that every time we add an AJAX feature to Web Mail to improve the usability for the vast majority of users, a few users report strange problems with those features being blocked or not working right. These problems almost always turn out to be that some security software running on the user's computer is blocking the use of those features, but doesn't give them any warning or information about what is wrong. Keep reading for instructions on how to fix this problem.

AJAX involves using javascripts and style sheets in creative ways to make web pages more interactive and to not require a full page refresh every time you click on a feature. We have several features built this way, including:

  • The folder tree in the left panel - you can expand and collapse the folder tree and any nested branches you create, and these update immediately when clicked without having to refresh the page.

  • The Write Message view - when you click this to compose a new message, the view updates immediately without having to refresh the page.

These features make Web Mail faster and more interactive for the user. But sometimes users report them not working. On Write Message, the problem usually shows up when replying to a rich text (HTML) message and usually doesn't interfere with plain text messages. See this post for more information. On the folder tree, sometimes folders don't show up at all, or don't respond when clicked.

If you encounter either of these problems, there is a very easy fix. Go to Preferences / Web Mail Options and turn on the option to use a "Secure Session". This will encrypt the content to and from your browser, and a side effect is that it "hides" the javascripts and AJAX features from security software like Norton Security, so that they can't block the features from working. If you do choose this option, also be sure to read this post for some more information.


Posted by: pat L   |   April 26, 2009 12:19 PM    |   (1)

My computer time is correct. My "sent" time from comcast and Gmail are correct. It is not correct from Earthlink email. I have tried sending tan email to myself and others and the time is an hour off. This email is being sent a 11:18 CST. Any suggestions? I already tried Earthink customer service.


Check the timezone setting on your computer calendar, not the time itself. Web Mail stamps your messages according to your timezone read from your computer, but doesn't use the clock from your computer.

Email Guy

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