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Web Mail 5.12 released 12/15 - 12/15/06

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Web Mail 5.12 released 12/15
Date: December 15, 2006 10:02 AM
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You may notice a couple of changes in Web Mail today, as version 5.12 went live early this morning. It is a minor release with a couple of great new features, and a few bug fixes. Here's a list of what changed:

  • Protection Pack - You'll see a new link on the left side of Web Mail that lets you set up Anonymous Email Addresses. These act like an alias to your regular email address, so you don't ever have to give out your real address on web sites or when shopping online, and you'll keep a lot of spam out of your Inbox. Email sent to these addresses comes into your same mailbox but is conveniently sorted into its own folder by address. You can even write new messages using this as your return address, and your real address is completely hidden from the recipient. You can have up to 10 of these active at a time, delete them whenever you want, and get more whenever you need them.

  • Get More Anonymous Email Addresses - although we have had the AEA feature available on the main EarthLink web site for a few months now, you could not get more after you deleted your first batch. Now you can. Once you have signed up for AEA, just click the Protection Pack link to manage your addresses or add more.

  • International character support - now you can read and write email in any language, and use any special characters you like. This includes messages, preferences like your From name, vacation messages, and your signature. Web Mail will let you enter any characters or language that your computer is set up for, and will properly view and reply to non-English messages you receive. Before this change, everything had to be plain ASCII (basically just what you see on an American keyboard). There are still a couple of kinks in the spamBlocker auto-reply that will be fixed in January, so keep that one in English for now or your recipient may get a garbled message. Everything else should be working.
  • Fixed this bug.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Address Book groups to be lost when syncing the Total Access Mailbox to the online Address Book.
Look for another release in early 2007 that will fix a lot of outstanding bugs and add a great new interface. More on that later.


Posted by: Tim Feetham   |   December 15, 2006 2:09 PM    |   (1)

I'm sure that the upgrade is wonderful. However, when I go to sign on, it tells me that earthlink.net is an invalid domain. Oh well. I sure hope this gets fixed.

btw Don't respond to my email address...I can't get into my account to read it.

Posted by: Jim & Beth   |   December 15, 2006 2:41 PM    |   (2)

Just activated the ProtectionPack--what a great idea! Thanks! Should be very useful.

Posted by: Email Guy   |   December 15, 2006 3:59 PM    |   (3)

Tim - this usually is caused by accidentally entering a space after the email address. We should detect that and fix it for you, I'll put that on my list.

Posted by: echinacea   |   December 15, 2006 6:12 PM    |   (4)

protection pack is great but it would be better to be able to create the first portion of the email address ourselves so we can remember them ...... yahoo has a feature like this...you create the first part and the rest gets filled in.

Posted by: NA   |   December 23, 2006 3:23 PM    |   (5)

Is there any way to personalize your web mail? like can you change the color of the font or the background? I used to have AOL and you could insert icons and different backgrounds so i was just wondering if you can personalize your message.

Posted by: Gregory   |   December 23, 2006 5:38 PM    |   (6)

I like the disposable email addresses. It should keep a good chunk of spam away from the main address. Good work, folks.


Posted by: Stephanie Digby   |   January 8, 2007 1:42 AM    |   (7)

I do not seem to be able to use the anonymous addresses to send mail but only to receive which is not of much use. Broswers are Safari and Firefox. Doesn't work with either.

Posted by: Ralph   |   January 11, 2007 7:17 AM    |   (8)

I'm glad to see that the new release provides International Character Support. A lot of my correspondence is in German or French, and I've bugged EarthLink the past couple of years to get this feature. So -- nice work, but it sure took a long time!


Posted by: WolfPac_Ite   |   January 31, 2007 4:46 PM    |   (9)

I have been using the ProtectionPack for a while now for services which harvest email addresses and am very happy with them. One problem though. The last time I deleted some of my SPAM filled addresses I could not add more. Why is that?

Posted by: Email Guy   |   February 1, 2007 8:22 AM    |   (10)

To add more addresses, click on ProtectionPack, and at the bottom of the resulting page you will see a link that says, "Add More Anonymous Email Addresses". Click that.

Posted by: Virginia   |   February 11, 2007 8:54 PM    |   (11)

Email guy, a while back I agreed to let earthlink install the Protection Pack feature on my computer.Since that time I have only used one of the anonymous emails,just to test it out.

What I'm experiencing is that some of those anonymous emails are spilling over into my Known Spam folder and occasionally my Suspect Email folder.I really do not need duplicate spam.

I had an online chat with someone at Earthlink and he told me I would have to download some software to remove the Protection Pack.I looked at the page for the software download and did not feel comfortable getting rid of Protection Packs that way because it indicated that using that software could take out some other things.

What I want to know is why can Earthlink place Protection Packs on a computer and not have a way to remove them? The person I talked to on live chat said Earthlink could not remove them.

I just read somewhere on this site about removing them ,but I'm not sure it will work.

If you like I can foward you the transcript of the live chat.All I would need is an email to use for fowarding.

Thanks,I hope to read your reply soon.


Posted by: Email Guy   |   February 11, 2007 11:25 PM    |   (12)

Virginia - First, there is nothing installed to use Protection Pack. It is simply a feature on the Web Mail site and nothing is put on your computer. Turning it on in the first place is entirely initiated by the user. After doing so, clicking on ProtectionPack takes you to the management view where you can delete each of the addresses if you don't want them. There is also a setting in Preferences / Web Mail Options to hide the link entirely.

ProtectionPack is simply an alias to conceal your actual email address, with incoming messages filtered into a folder for your convenience. You use them when you want to sign up for things online, and delete them or add new ones anytime you wish.

Messages sent to ProtectionPack addresses will never go to the Suspect Email folder. That is entirely a feature of your real email address. The challenge/response feature of spamBlocker on High has no effect on ProtectionPack addresses.

If you are just looking to create another mailbox then you should click on My Account at the top of any page, and create a profile there.

Posted by: Kathy Scott Goerg   |   April 21, 2007 11:54 AM    |   (13)

I'd like to change the front of my message field, can't figure out how.
I went to help section and it referred me to something at the top of the page which I don't have. I vaguely recall a webmail upgrade, but I can't find that either.
I'm only using Earthlink for email at this time because I have a cable hookup, is this the problem?
I have some vision problems and the current message font is 'whimpy', so more difficult fo me to see.

Thanks for your time,

Unless you are using Safari, you should have a toggle at the top of the Write Message page to select "Color and Graphics". This will then display a rich text formatting toolbar over the message area. Unfortunately we don't yet support Safari for this feature.

Email Guy

Posted by: Hank   |   April 26, 2007 10:17 AM    |   (14)

How could I set-up an account in Entourage (MAC) to use one of my ProtectionPack email addresses. Would that defeat the purpose?



It isn't possible to receive ProtectionPack email outside of Web Mail. That is a Web Mail feature and can only be used there.

Email Guy

Posted by: Carolyn Strafford   |   May 8, 2007 10:13 AM    |   (15)

I recently contacted a person on the online help because my e-mail group address titled "Discussion Class" disappeared from my drop down list The individual addresses remained on my general list as "unfiled." The online help said he would recover my lost group within two days, which he did. However, now another group is missing, "Class of 57". Those people are still under the general listing but their designation has become "unfiled."

Is there a limit to the number of groups the drop down list will contain? Is that why my groups are disappearing and being reclassified on the general list ? Will I be able to accomodate new groups, or will adding a new one kick off another one already compiled?

Thanks for any insight on this issue.

I'm guessing that you also are using the EarthLink Mailbox software in addition to Web Mail, and you are using the Sync feature to keep the two address books in sync. When you do that, groups will sometimes be lost. This is a known issue with the sync, that we need to fix. If you were to only use Web Mail, or only use Mailbox, and not use the AB sync feature, then I don't think there is any way a group can just disappear.

Note that when this happens in the sync process, no contacts or addresses are lost, only their membership in a particular group you have defined. It sounds like that is what you are describing, I'm just confirming it for other readers.

Email Guy

Posted by: Mumia W.   |   May 25, 2007 2:49 PM    |   (16)

Thanks Earthlink for giving us Protection Packs. I have a question:

How do I use a POP3 client to download e-mail that has come to a protection pack address? I'm trying to use Thunderbird ( http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/thunderbird/ ) to download my e-mail, but I always get either an "incorrect password" response, or I get nothing (no mail downloaded).

In Webmail, I can see the messages, but POP3 is more convenient at times.

Anonymous Email is a Web Mail feature and can only be accessed from Web Mail.

Email Guy

Posted by: Pam   |   June 8, 2007 1:01 PM    |   (17)

I have a dial up Earthlink account because I am in an area where I cannot get broadband/high speed from Earthlink so I have to use a cable account that frequently malfunctions.
I want to download my webmail from the address above to a Thunderbird or Outlook set up. Is there some way I can set up the Thunderbird or Outlook to work on the high speed account and download faster even though it is not an Earthlink high speed?

Your email software settings are identical whether you are connected to EarthLink or not. Email works over any connection without changing settings.

Email Guy

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