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How do I save (or delete) my login and password? - 02/23/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       How do I save (or delete) my login and password?
Date: February 23, 2007 8:01 AM
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Users ask for help saving their email address or password on the login page, or help removing a saved email address or password on the login page.

First understand that in addition to the "Remember My Email Login" checkbox feature on the Web Mail login page, your browser also has a form autocomplete feature, and the difference between the two can sometimes be confusing. Your browser has the ability to save all form entries including passwords. Web Mail will never save your password, and only has the option to save your email address.

Leaving the browser feature aside for the moment, here's how the Remember Me feature on the login page works. When you check that option, your email address will be pre-loaded in the login box next time you visit the page. If it isn't working, there are two possible causes:

  1. You are blocking or deleting cookies. The only way Web Mail can save this email address for you is by saving a cookie in your browser. You must allow cookies for earthlink.net to be saved. If you subsequently delete all your browser cookies, the saved email address will be lost.
  2. You may be using an incorrect URL (browser address) to go to Web Mail. You must alway use only "webmail.earthlink.net" for your login page in order for the email address to be remembered. If you are a hosting customer, the correct URL is "webmail.hosting.earthlink.net".
Once you have saved your email address by using the checkbox on the login page, you can remove it simply by unchecking the box, and logging in to Web Mail.

Your browser's form autocomplete feature behaves differently. After you put your cursor in the login box (or an entry box on any page), if you start typing, or press the down arrow key on your keyboard, your browser will show you a list of all saved entries you ever used in that box. You can select one and use it to log in. This is useful when you use multiple email acccounts, or you share the computer with family members. However, some users don't want their email saved on shared computers. So to stop this from happening, you must turn off the autocomplete feature in the browser. In IE it is in under Tools / Internet Options / Content. In Firefox the setting is under Privacy. All browsers will have a similar setting.

If you want to delete only a single entry in the list that is remembered by your browser, then click the form box to put your cursor in it, then press the down arrow key to show you all the entries. Then use the down arrow key to move the selection to the one you want to remove, and press Delete on IE, or Shift-Delete on Firefox. One of these will work for most other browsers.

Your browser also has a special setting to remember any form entries that were put in an entry box named "password". Those are treated separately by your browser so that you can save all form entries except passwords if you wish. Again, Web Mail never remembers passwords, only your browser can do that. So to clear a saved password, look in your browser settings.

UPDATE - to restore this functionality in your browser, see this comment and if you have Firefox 1.5 see this one too.


Posted by: Dan Schaefer   |   February 26, 2007 7:32 PM    |   (1)

I need to know how to keep my email name in rather then putting it in every time i go on line,I realize I need to put password in but am annoyed with putting e mail user name in all the time.
Thank You Dan Schaefer

Posted by: Email Guy   |   February 26, 2007 9:32 PM    |   (2)

- If you are referring to saving it in Web Mail, please read the above article again.

Posted by: Richard Welch   |   February 26, 2007 10:05 PM    |   (3)

I want my password to be remembered when I click on the WebMail tab. It was remembered for several months, but is no longer being remembered. What changed ? How do I fix it ? Remember it is my computer, my account, and I would like my password remembered. Thank you very much for any
assistance you can give me.

Posted by: Email Guy   |   February 26, 2007 10:11 PM    |   (4)

Richard - Web Mail has never remembered any password, for any account, and nothing changed. That was your computer and your browser remembering it, and you can set it to do so again.

To "reset" your browser so that it asks you to save a password you enter on a web site (any web site), you will have to completely clear the passwords saved by your browser, and make sure the feature to save them is turned on. Then next time you visit Web Mail, your browser will ask you if you want to save the password.

When that feature is enabled in your browser, it either remembers the password for a particular site, or it remembers that you told it not to (perhaps inadvertently). Once that choice is saved, there isn't any easy way to edit it. You have to clear all saved passwords and start over.

Posted by: Kirsten Bridgeford   |   February 27, 2007 11:29 PM    |   (5)

I can't remember my password or web address please e-mail to address above.
Kirsten Bridgeford

Posted by: Linda Woodside   |   March 5, 2007 1:34 AM    |   (6)

I need to save my password on my log in page

Posted by: Mark Meyer   |   March 5, 2007 2:06 AM    |   (7)

Hi, I wanted to echo the previous post about the password being remembered for several months, but is no longer being remembered. Something changed in the rendered HTML of the Earthlink signin page. My same version of Firefox 1.5 used to remember the ID and password just fine, but suddenly doesn't remember either any more. I am quite familiar with browser settings to autocomplete fields, and I have reset that feature multiple times on my browser. No matter what I do, Firefox won't recognize those fields any more.

I followed the suggestions recommended in other posts. I reset all the saved passwords, verified that cookies are being accepted, etc.

At this point, I suspect that somethign was changed on the Earthlink webmail signin page.


Web Mail didn't change, your browser changed with a buggy update (Firefox

Solution is here.

Email Guy

Posted by: David   |   March 11, 2007 11:39 AM    |   (8)

My request is a variation of the "autocomplete" situation...

I do want to continue with autocomplete. However, I have several entries that show up but that I would like to delete. [They are there due to misspelling, carelessness, etc. and they get in the way of the real entries that I want to see.]

Is is a browser function or a Web Mail function to get rid of them?

I have just upgraded to Firefox 2.0.

Thanks, David

Firefox supports Shift-Delete on autocomplete entries. When the list pops up, scroll to the one you want to remove, make sure it is highlighted, and press Shift-Delete on your keyboard. That will remove it.

To clear all autocomplete entries in Firefox 2.0 click Tools / Options / Privacy and click the "Clear Now" button. You will see check boxes for all the data Firefox has saved about your web browsing. Select the box for "Saved form and Search history" and unselect the other boxes. Then click "Clear Private Data Now".

There is not an easy way to edit the list, you have to just start it over, or delete individual ones as described.

Email Guy

Posted by: John Bruns   |   March 19, 2007 2:08 PM    |   (9)

I have a couple of email accounts that I use for different purposes, such as family, friends, business, etc. It would be nice if there was a way to put web bookmarks for the different accounts. The "remember me" switch only helps keep a single account and it seems it is always the wrong one (ie. the last one I used, not the one I want).

I would be great if I could put a bookmark that looked something like: webmail.earthlink.net/login=myemailaddress@earthlink.net
which would fill in the account id into the form. I have no trouble entering a password, but entering both each time is tiresome.

Is there any such switch? Could you implement it? I think it would be usefull for others too.

Thanks, John

There is a way. This is totally unsupported so don't ask for help with it if it doesn't work in the future. This may stop working at any time, but it will work for you now. https://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/Login?email=my_address@earthlink.net&password=my_password

The above is case sensitive (notice Login).

Email Guy

Posted by: Sebastian   |   March 31, 2007 6:25 PM    |   (10)

Hi...in the past - when I received email @ my TotalAccess Mailbox - it "also" was sent to WEB MAIL inbox. Recently, I do not receive it at WEB MAIL. ( but when I send email from Total Access Mailbox it "goes to WEB MAIL, too). Any ideas, solutions ,etc....Thanking You, Beforehand for you able assistance!!

Read this FAQ.

Email Guy

Posted by: Jessy   |   April 30, 2007 6:53 AM    |   (11)

Hi ,
plz answer me I want to delete my saved user name from the first page of sites when I log in, because when I want to log in and I wrote my first letter of my user name my all name appear, and this embarrass me and confused me when somebody use my computer. So is there any way to wrote my user name when I want to log in by myself,without predict for my user name?

You need to turn off the form autocomplete feature in your browser if you do not want it to remember web page entries. Or you can just clear it to remove old entries.

Email Guy

Posted by: Liz   |   May 21, 2007 1:35 PM    |   (12)


My question is very close to wanting to delete username. I actually want to delete my password. I don't mind my username to come up when I type the first letter. However, I don't want my password automatically appearing as well.
If what I need to do is the same "turn off the form autocomplete feature in the browser". I don't know were to find that. Can you help?

Your browser will have a setting to save passwords too. You'll have to just delete all saved passwords as there is not any way to edit the saved ones. In IE this setting is with the autocomplete, under Content. In Firefox this setting is under Security.

Email Guy

Posted by: Rob   |   May 21, 2007 4:22 PM    |   (13)

I just found a solution to this problem. If you go into Tools>Options>Privacy>Exceptions and then you'll see a list of sites that have been clicked with the "never for this site". Someone else who has used my computer has obviously added MySpace and come other sites that I wanted to remember my logins and passwords. This worked for me!

Thanks for pointing out that Firefox does have a way to edit the exceptions, unlike most other browsers, which require you to just delete all saved passwords and saved exceptions (together) and start over.

Email Guy

Posted by: Nobody...   |   June 21, 2007 6:27 PM    |   (14)

i was wondering... if i delete my cookies (tools>internet options>delete cookies) will it delete my saved passwords as well?...

No. There is a separate place in your browser settings to delete saved passwords.

Email Guy

Posted by: Beverly   |   October 12, 2007 12:22 PM    |   (15)

Just like John who commented on having a couple of different e-mail addresses, I too, have a similar circumstance. Typing in the whole address every time is a pain when I want to switch from one mailbox to another. If there is no way to build this feature into the mailbox so that a different mailbox can be accessed once inside, then it would help, at least a little, for the "@earthlink.net" to be applied automatically for the user. This way only the user name would need to be typed in to access each mailbox instead of the long tedious complete address.

Posted by: Lauren   |   June 15, 2008 4:24 PM    |   (16)

How do you change a password?

Click on My Account at the top of any EarthLink page and log in there with your primary email address (account owner). You can change the password for any profile in that account.

Email Guy

Posted by: madison   |   October 29, 2008 5:21 AM    |   (17)

how do you turn or or enable the feature in your browser to remember or store your passwords?

That is described in the post above. If you have the feature On and a particular entry isn't working, that means sometime in the past you have said No when prompted to save it. The only way to undo that in IE is to clear all saved entries, turn off the feature, close the browser, then start the browser and turn the feature back on. In Firefox I believe it has the ability to remove specific saved entries. Note that a saved entry in both browsers also saves whether you said to save the password or not the first time you were prompted. So removing the saved entry clears that.

Email Guy

Posted by: james   |   April 7, 2010 1:38 AM    |   (18)

Saving Tips

this blog is very intersting

Posted by: jerry   |   December 14, 2011 7:11 PM    |   (19)

On the sign-in page : my wife typed her address 4 times (3 wrong). How do I delete these?

See the 3rd-from-last paragraph in the post at the top of this page above your comment.

Email Guy

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