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FIXED - Users still reporting trouble forwarding attachments - 03/29/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       FIXED - Users still reporting trouble forwarding attachments
Date: March 29, 2007 9:43 PM
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We have gotten some reports after the fixes that were released Wednesday, that sometimes when forwarding a message with an attachment, the attached files don't reach the recipient.

In our own testing we are not seeing this problem occur. So we need some help tracking down why this is still happening. If this has happened to you after Wednesday 3/28, please comment here under this article, and please provide your operating system and browser version. To get your exact browser version click on Help / About in your browser and let me know the full number shown there. If you can, also please provide an exact file name of an attachment that was not received by the recipient. This is shown in the header area when you view the original message, on the line that says "Attachments:".

Lastly, please indicate if the original message was plain text or HTML. If you aren't sure, you can tell this by looking at the state of the "Plain | Color and Graphics" selector above the message after you click Forward to open the compose view. It will be set to the type of message you are forwarding, with the current type in black and the other option in blue. I want to know the one in black. If you have other details that you think will be helpful in tracking this down, please provide those too. One thing that would be helpful if you happen to know, is what email program the recipient is using to view your message.

Questions about this issue that have come in on the Ask Email guy page so far have not included the details, and since I don't have an answer for you yet they haven't been published.

Thanks for your help. We will try to get this fixed as soon as possible.

UPDATE: after more feedback and much testing, it appears that this problem is mostly confined to forwarding messages that you received as an attachment in the first place. That is, the original sender sends an earthlink user a message with attachments, but sends the whole message as an attached file with nested attachments. You can successfully forward these messages on to others if you choose "As Attachment" when you forward it.


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Posted by: kass   |   June 22, 2007 12:00 PM    |   (51)

When will the fowarding mail with additions be up to par?????????

We have the change made and the build is in testing. There are a number of other important bug fixes in this build also, and our test cycles will take at least this week. That might put us out past the holiday and into the second week of July, depending on whether anything comes up in testing.

Email Guy

Posted by: Gerard Bourcier   |   December 13, 2010 6:20 PM    |   (52)

I am having an issue getting attachments from some of my contacts. When I get the email from my computer (Mac Power Mac G5) there is no indication of there being an attachment, however when I get the same message on my iPhone, there is an attachment. So it is not an issue with the sender. maybe there is a setting in Earthlink that needs to be changed?

Posted by: Lisa   |   May 18, 2011 4:59 PM    |   (53)

These are very old posts. I'm wondering if this has ever been resolved. I have a new client who uses Earthlink and I am on a Mac. When I send my email with attachments to them, they do not receive the attachment. I can, however, log into gmail and send the attachment from my Gmail account. However, I prefer to have everything sent from my MacMail since I send attachments to them a number of times a day. If this has been resolved, please direct me to the link. Thanks for your help!

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