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FIXED - Need more info on problem forwarding attachments - 05/02/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       FIXED - Need more info on problem forwarding attachments
Date: May 2, 2007 2:57 PM
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We are working on the problem where users attempt to re-forward attachments that had been forwarded to them, and the recipeint does not receive the attachment. In our testing, there appears to be very specific scenarios where this occurs, and I need your input to help us narrow this down for sure.

At this point the only scenario where we can reproduce this problem is as follows:

  1. The message was forwarded to you from a Yahoo account. It was not an original message, but specifically was forwarded to you.
  2. The message you received contained the forwarded original message as an attachment. That is, you had to click an attachment link in the message you received, in order to see the original content.
  3. You then forward that message on to someone else, who does not receive the attachment.

So we need to know if there are other scenarios that cause the problem. Does it ever happen when you forward a message that was not sent to you from Yahoo? And if so, did the person who sent it to you get it from a Yahoo user? Does it ever happen when you forward a message that was NOT forwarded to you but was just an original message composed and sent to you by the sender?

Any information provided will be helpful, including confirmation of the above scenario. If the above is what happens to you, then comment and let me know. And if there is some other way to produce the problem, let me know that too. Please include your browser version and operating system.


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Posted by: Bill   |   May 2, 2007 5:49 PM    |   (1)

I had this very same problem and it happened to any and all e-mails that had an attachment. I spoke with tech support and it seems they fixed most of the problem.A while back Earthlink changed theur e-mail format I was told. Here is what you have to do.
When you go to forward an e-mail with an attachment make SURE at the top where "forward" is you change the box from "inkline text" to "attatachment". This has worked 99% of the time.

Posted by: Thomas S. Haines   |   May 3, 2007 9:57 AM    |   (2)

In answer to your comment on my problem of 4/2. Not all attachment comes from yahoo users. In fact most comes from a local carrier [westpa] in Warren Pa. leads to my next question. If a small company such as westpa can forward any attachments why, as big as earthlink is, can't my e-mails be forwarded to who I send to?
Thank you for your concern and speedy reply
Tom Haines

Posted by: Charles Blackwood   |   May 3, 2007 3:17 PM    |   (3)

Re: Inability to forward E-Mails with attachments
Information from five E-Mails, some with file downloads and some with text messages.
The five sequences above show the last sender first and the first sender last. Hope this helps
alleviate the traffic jam!!

Posted by: Lynn   |   May 3, 2007 6:44 PM    |   (4)

The e-mails with forwards come from and are attempted to be forwarded to AOL & Yahoo users. I have a Windows XP PC. It is hoped that you fix this problem soon.

Posted by: Theresa   |   May 3, 2007 8:20 PM    |   (5)

I have the same problem when I re forward. There is nothing in the letter. I have gotten emails from earthlink. hotmail, and g-mail. They are all the same. It is a little aggrevating when you get friends that reply back and say WHER IS THE PICTURE??? How can I possibly fix this???

Aggrevated Forwarder

Posted by: Arnold Lau   |   May 4, 2007 12:30 PM    |   (6)

Until recently I've had no problems forwarding e-mails with attachments. Suddenly it seems that, regardless of origin, no attachments can be forwarded. No problem coming in or printing but I can't send them on. I tried forwarding an e-mail w/attachment to myself but that didn't come through either. None of my correspondents has been able to help. I will continue to search FAQs and comments.

Posted by: Wilhelmine Harper   |   May 4, 2007 10:11 PM    |   (7)

I too am having the same problem with reforwarding mail and it has been awfully slow. Then I need to follow up with a phone call to see if it was received. Really truly annoying - Can your IT team fix it??

Posted by: Wilhelmine Harper   |   May 4, 2007 10:12 PM    |   (8)

Spell check is not working- Is IT working on it??

Posted by: Ken Bramlett   |   May 5, 2007 4:45 PM    |   (9)

Re: E-mail attachments
As of today (May 5th) the attachments, especially pictures are not being forwarded. My browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0.2800.1106 and the operating systems is Windows 2000 professional.
There seem not to be a problem with forwarding power point or movies attachments.

Posted by: Susan   |   May 5, 2007 6:30 PM    |   (10)

I confirm all of the above scenarios from Email guy; however, not all the forwarded e-mails are from Yahoo users. I will check on forwarding "original" e-mails with attachments. This problem has been going on for so long; I am EXTREMELY frustrated...cannot stay with Earthlink very much longer as I really enjoy sharing "forwarded" e-mails and I can no longer do this at all.


Posted by: Dick Fawcett   |   May 5, 2007 10:39 PM    |   (11)

I have been having the same trouble asthe other folks. Can't forward attachments. I tried sending them to"my documents" in afolder and then sending the folder. That worked ok with a text msg but does not work with pictures. I get a bland page with squares outlineingwhere the pictures shouldbe. Each has a small square with a red x in it in theupper left corner. I have no idea what that is all about. Bottom line seems to be that I can't foreward and I can't save. This is not a good situation. Some of the attachments have been through yahoo and some have not - or at least there is no indication of it in the address. This is a fairly new problem. It just started a coupleof weeks ago.Before that I had no trouble with forewarding or saveing. I would like tosee a permanent solution - as in go back to what we hadtwo or three weeks ago. I can't helpbut think that one of the never ending updates we receivehas bollixed up the works. I would be happy to hear fromyou. Thanks Dick Fawcett

Posted by: judy   |   May 6, 2007 1:49 PM    |   (12)

i have received e-mails from AOL , msn, and many others and can't forward them on also ines that are just sent to me from a company or friend i cannot forward.

Posted by: RoseMarie Wieworka   |   May 7, 2007 6:57 PM    |   (13)

I am having problems forwarding attachments. I can send attachments that are originated by me.

RoseMarie Wieworka

Posted by: jackie praskin   |   May 10, 2007 11:14 PM    |   (14)

None of the examples written to you were what I asked about. There are many emails in the spanblocker that I can;t retrieve. Many of the address are in my address book. Some are important. Yesterday there was one from my lawyer. I can;t retrieve it this is very frustrating. Jackiepr@eathlink.net

I'm not sure you are describing using Web Mail, it sounds like you may be using EarthLink Mailbox and having trouble accessing the spamBlocker features from there. In Web Mail all messages are delivered and all messages can be viewed regardless of whether they were flagged as spam. For those senders not in your address book, click Suspect Email to view those messages. To view messages flagged as spam by EarthLink click Known Spam. If your settings for Known Spam are showing a graph instead of the messages, then click spamBlocker / Settings and scroll down to the setting that says "Delete Known Spam Immediately" and change that to No.

Email Guy

Posted by: Amedee Tieman   |   May 10, 2007 11:47 PM    |   (15)

I contacted support, they thought the forwarding problem was due to our Norton and Firewall. I shut down both programs for incoming/outgoing msgs, this did not solve the problem. I'm still unable to forward anything with pic's regardless if I click that it's an attachment. The recipients get only boxes with red X's,

Posted by: Kathy   |   May 11, 2007 9:09 PM    |   (16)

My similar scenario: I am sent xls attachments often from one person (Mac, DSL, sbcglobal.net). Most of the time I (PC, dial-up, mindspring.com) do NOT receive the attachment - it manifests itself as a symbol in the body of the email that cannot be accessed. Of three files sent last night, one was received as just noted. Two were received after attempts at forwarding only, saving and attaching, sending to two different mailboxes until something finally came across. The third Last was sent to a third party who then saved it and sent it to me as an attachment, which worked. I asked about the Yahoo connection, and he said his incoming is yahoo.sbcglobal.net but not outgoing. Where does the problem lie? His side or mine and what is there to do? This is a frustration and time-consuming problem. Thanks for any assistance.

You are describing a different problem. Your sender is evidently using Apple Mail, which sends attachments in an unusual and non-standard way that is not understood by Web Mail. If your sender used any other software you would receive those files. We are working on compatibility with Apple Mail.

Email Guy

Posted by: charles sine   |   May 11, 2007 10:00 PM    |   (17)

I'm having the same problem that everyone else is having forwarding e-mail it arrives but no pictures or attachments it seems from all of the people that are having this problem that theres something wrong on your end what i want to know is what does earthlink plan on doing about it and how soon I've been a long time user your getting payed for the service but not delivering what im paying for??? please resolve this problem asap

Yes, the problem is on our end. We are working on the fix and should be able to release it soon.

Email Guy

Posted by: Gregory Wolf   |   May 14, 2007 1:22 PM    |   (18)

I had attachments that were specifically created for me and attached to an e-mail that did not arrive. This happened on several occasions during the past month. These attachments are important to the conducting of my work, so both the sender and I investigated into the problem. From this end, the earthlink chat service personnel on two occasions told me that the problem was not on my end. The sender's technicians responded likewise to their e-mail.
THe same e-mail and attachment was sent to my associate, and he received the attachment, but reported that the attachment contained a lot of SPAM that was added to the attachment. Does EARTHLINK add spam to these attachments?

No, EarthLink does not modify the content of any email. If this happened, it was the sender's service doing so. There are email services that add advertisements on the bottom of email messages.

Email Guy

Posted by: Marilyn   |   May 14, 2007 3:55 PM    |   (19)

I am recently having trouble receiving attachments using web mail from one particular user -

I get .AVI , .PPS, and .jpg from him. Recently, all his attachments are not showing up. He said that none of his other contacts have complained. Once or twice, something came through, but lately, I get nothing but the text. I first thought it was my security program, but I do receive from others just fine. I totally disengaged my security to see if it would make a difference, but it did not. This is frustrating!

He may have switched to using Apple Mail. That program sends attachments in a nonstandard and unusual way that isn't understood by Web Mail. We are working on the problem. There isn't any other problem we're aware of with receiving any file attachments (this thread is about forwarding them out, not receiving).

Email Guy

Posted by: Diane   |   May 14, 2007 9:02 PM    |   (20)

I seem to have a variety that will not forward...some with attachments such as wmv and some with just email text attached. I have listed the last one to forward to me 1st, followed by who forwarded to them, etc.
tecoenergy.com - lighthousemin.org - tampabay.rr.com
aol.com - yahoo.com
tecoenergy.com - verizon.net
My friends are so frustrated with me that some have asked me to stop trying to send them anything. It's becoming extremely frustrating to me, also. I hope you can solve the problem. Thanks!!!

Our developers tell me they have it solved, and the fix will be included in an upcoming release. In the meantime, try using the setting "As attachment" beside the Forward button, and see if that helps.

Email Guy

Posted by: Susan   |   May 15, 2007 8:26 PM    |   (21)

Still can't forward ANY e-mails with attachments; this has been going on for, at least, six-eight weeks. Checking the "as attachment" box, when attempting to forward the e-mail, makes absolutely no difference. This situation was fine for years, why can't the problem be fixed? It has gone on, entirely, too long; my frustration level is great. Must be time to move on...

Our developers say they have the problem fixed, and the fix will be released within the next few weeks. I agree that it has taken us longer than it should have to find and fix the problem, and I apologize for that. I'm pushing hard to get us back to a stable state, with this and a few other troublesome bugs cleared up.

Email Guy

Posted by: Sharon Davis   |   May 18, 2007 2:26 PM    |   (22)

For quite a while now, I have been having the problem, when I forward an e-mail with attachments, the attachment does not appear in the sent e-mail.
I believe it is when I am forwarding an e-mail that has been forwarded to me.

It's not just Yahoo; it is all different e-mail addresses that are sent to me, that are giving me this problem.

Please get back to me when this will be corrected. It is really frustrating.

Posted by: richard robben   |   May 20, 2007 10:58 PM    |   (23)

Similiar situation, very frustrating, no matter who the carrier is I have problems forwarding, and it is not caused by size . I can't wait until you can resolve this issue. Don't force me off your rolls Please..........

Posted by: Sterling Chamberlain   |   May 28, 2007 9:41 AM    |   (24)

I also have the problem of sending email with attachments, After contacting Earthlink and getting different answers from persons in India I am seriously condsidering switching to another server if you can not fix this problem,as it looks like other servers do not have this situation

We have it fixed and in testing, and we plan to release the fix within 2-3 weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Email Guy

Posted by: Jim L   |   June 3, 2007 4:34 PM    |   (25)

I began having failures in forwarding jokes, photos, etc in Feb 2007. I can forward anything, as long as it is in the field of the e-mail letter itself. I have not noticed that it is only with yahoo, but it seems to be with anybody, as long as I need to click on the forwarded message in the subject box to view it. It has become so rampant, that I have elected not to forward anything anymore. It was becoming a nuisance, so I quit all together.

Posted by: Brent Battles   |   June 7, 2007 12:22 PM    |   (26)

I just went round and round with a chat session with absolutely no resolution. I send exactly the same attachment to a friend who is using one of my email accounts (in this case a pdf file I created - nothing forwarded) first within a text email message and then by itself. The first time no attachment showed up although the coded attachment is visible in "View Email Source" on the Web Mail Earthlink website page. The next time I sent it as a test message, no text - just the attachment - and the attachment shows up as "unknown-38k" just as expected on the Attachments line when viewed in Web Mail. I've been having the same problem for months and months, not just with forwards but with photos and other home-grown attachments. Very frustrating.

I don't think that is related to the forwarding issue. I'm guessing that you use Apple Mail to send email. There is a known problem when viewing messages from that software in Web Mail. Apple Mail uses an unusual and non-standard way of including attachments, and it isn't currently understood by Web Mail. We expect to have this fixed soon.

Email Guy

Posted by: Larry Black   |   June 8, 2007 10:17 PM    |   (27)

Here is more info for your consideration in repairing the forwarding problem. My attempts to help a fellow Earthlink user who is very frustrated have been to no avail. We have spent close to 50 hours experimenting to try to discover the causes or at least some commonality in his problems.

System: PC with Windows XP Professional & Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

The tests:
1. Creating an email with attachments in .bmp, .jpg and .doc formats. Send the email and it arrives correctly to my earthlink and my mindspring addresses, however these attachments sometimes do not arrive to a customer in China. (Very bad for his business.)

2. Forwarding an email with photos (jpegs) inserted into the body of the email. (Here is where it gets weird.)
a. From Outlook 2003 to earthlink... OK
b. From Outlook to mindspring, the pictures do not arrive. Only the text arrives. There is no indication that there ever was an insert.
c. The same message sent from Earthlink webmail to the same mindspring account as above... arrives intact with photos.

Unfortunately, the problem does not occur with all recipients or 100% of the time. None of the recipients use Apple Mail. All are PC users.

Another strange occurance. Photos (jpegs) received using Outlook 2003 and in the body of the message can't be saved as jpegs. The only format allowed is bitmap. However, using webmail, the photo can be saved as .bmp or .jpg.

Is there a possibility of a conflict between the new Microsoft Office and the new "improvements" in Earthlink mail?

The above just scratches the surface of all the tests we have done. Internet Options. Security settings. Attachmets. No attachments. You name it. We have tried them all with no success.

Glad to hear you are working on the problem, but will your solution be a complete one?

Posted by: Marion Kling   |   June 13, 2007 6:56 PM    |   (28)

I am getting a message that the "security" for the web mail has been revoked!! Whaaaaat?

This is a bug in your Norton security software, the certificate on Web Mail is fine. Norton has a fix for their bug here.

Email Guy

Posted by: Joseph Boucher   |   June 24, 2007 11:58 PM    |   (29)

I also have been having trouble getting attachments to forward in e-mails that I have received. These e-mails originate from many providers, not just yahoo. I have also noticed another problem that I have not had in the past and that is when I select many addresses to forward an e-mail to from my address book, the e-mail is only sent to the first person on the list. When I check the sent folder the only one to receive the e-mail was the first person I checked the box for on my address book. This has definately not been a problem in the past, just wanted to know if this problem has been brought to your attention by any one else?

The email is always sent to all addresses that appear on the address lines when you click Send, regardless of how you inserted them to the address lines (To/Cc/Bcc). The email will only be sent to addresses that appear on those lines before you click Send.

Email Guy

Posted by: Doug Beldon   |   June 28, 2007 1:34 AM    |   (30)

I been having the same problem not being able to forward attachments since the change what can i do to fix this its getting to become a big problem when will you get the problem fixed i wish you get this taken care of are go back to the old earthlink i didn't have any problems so i can't see the big improvement if you can do the things you want with your email. thanks

That fix is scheduled to release Monday, along with some other improvements.

Email Guy

Posted by: raynman   |   July 5, 2007 3:18 PM    |   (31)

I thought I'd chime in on this one as I'm having this specific forward issue.

Relative "A" sends an email with pictures attached to relative "B" who then forwards to the rest of the family. For the sake of this discussion I am relative "C" and am a recepient of this forward from "B". When I receive it, I can read the text but no attachment shows up for me yet all others on the distribution list receive everything just fine. I have had "B" send me an email directly from their address with a picture and I get the text and the attachment just fine. It's only when "B" forwards an attachment and it is unique to forwards from "B" that this happens. I have had serveral people forward me pictures from various domains and they have all come through just fine. Can you advise?

As of 7/6 with release 5.16.3 this should be fixed. At the time you commented it wasn't fixed, but my response is delayed.

Email Guy

Posted by: scott blankenship   |   July 10, 2007 1:55 PM    |   (32)

My problem is that I cannot send an attachment to a friend of mine who has mindspring. Not a forwared attachment, just straight from me. He gets the message, but there is no attachment? Is it my end or his? Thanks

What software are you both using for your email (if not EarthLink Web Mail)? Please provide details and I'll try to investigate. You might also test this with other people you correspond with, to narrow down the problem.

Email Guy

Posted by: Judy Stevens   |   August 21, 2007 6:32 PM    |   (33)

I don't see this issue addressed so far ... using WebMail, is it possible to insert a jpeg into the body of the email? I receive them frequently, but can't see to make it work for me.

I've tried two ways:

1) uploading the jpeg to my own web page and using the html insert image command -- (img src=)

2) saving the same image to my computer and using the same command -- (img src=)

Thanks for your assistance.


No, adding inline images in a new Web Mail message is not supported. That feature will be added in an upcoming release. You cannot manually put HTML formatting tags in messages, even after we add the image feature. They will simply be converted to text.

Email Guy

Posted by: Cherokee   |   September 13, 2007 11:29 PM    |   (34)

I revceive a lot of forwards from an AOL account. when the attachment is opened, I may have to open a couple more attachments which were forwarded to those people. When I get to the one that has the photos, I then click forward and forward the last e-mail thus skipping all the "Junk" forwards. Most of the time the forward ends up with red X instead of pics.

Posted by: Gray Tuthill   |   October 3, 2007 1:58 PM    |   (35)

Version 5.5 helps a lot and will not comment about delete vs spam. Forward still presents a problem to me. One, I am not sure I understand exacctly what each means and when to use one vs the other. Second, Sounds like you think that if want to forward an attachment, whether a text email or one with pictures, that I should save it and then start with a fresh email. However, if the original email has a combination of text and pictures I always seem to lose the picture. In reading your notes it seems that sometimes you claim it is fixed and at other time it sounds like you are still working on it. All I know is that I still have problems when ever the latter is involved. What do I do as not really sure if ,and/or how to save this last email so you could start fresh again

Posted by: Sudheesh   |   June 10, 2008 2:56 AM    |   (36)

i am also having the same problem, when i tried to forward mails from my inbox, only the text is getting forwarded, the pictures are not going along with it..though i can see the images in my inbox. i tried in yahoo, gmail, different ids, also i tried mac, pc and symbian phones...the problem is same everywhere. can u please give a solution for this? its really frustrating for us.
hoping for a speedy reply,
thanks in advance.

Use the "As attachment" forwarding option.

See the FAQ for more.

Email Guy

Posted by: Katy Butler   |   June 20, 2008 8:29 PM    |   (37)

I am not getting attachments sent direct to me from a printing company. (I don't know if they're PDFs or JPGs or what.)
In the past, when I used Earthlink plus Entourage Dial-Up, I did get visual/graphic attachments fine.
I have no problem getting WORD documents sent as attachments.
I use EArthlink webmail direct -- don't use an interface such as Mac Mail as far as I know. Just go direct to the earthlink website.
I use a MAC at both home and business. When I get the email, there is no little icon indicating that an attachment is attached.
However, when i inadvertently used my old Entourage program (I can no longer send from that program)
I could see the attachment and open it.
But I can't use Entourage on a regular basis, as I now hitchike off my partner's DSL at home (he has AOL) and my office mate's DSL at work.
Any way to fix this?`
Thank you.

Katy Butler

They are probably sending them using Mac Mail. See this FAQ for help.

Email Guy

Posted by: Kathy Bowers   |   December 9, 2010 5:05 PM    |   (38)

Any e-mails or forwarded e-mails sent to me with pictures, the pictures will not show up. The box where the picture should be is blank with a small red "x" in the upper left corner. I tried clicking on the "x" but nothing. This has been going on for a couple of months. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!

Posted by: Terry Wickre   |   February 9, 2011 4:46 PM    |   (39)

I believe the Earthlink htm or html attachments problem is related to the combination of Windows 7 and Yahoo mail. I can receive attachment pictures from all others sending them. A friend of mine went to Yahoo for his mail program and has Windows 7, and I cannot download them. I have tried to save them, and then tried to open them in Expression Web, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Digital Image Editor and Word to no avail.

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