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Getting the First Time User screen repeatedly - 07/17/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Getting the First Time User screen repeatedly
Date: July 17, 2007 11:40 AM
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A few users report that each time they log in to Web Mail, they are presented with the First Time User screen asking for their name, and that this never gets saved and comes back next time.

A temporary solution for this problem is:
After you have completed the login and are in Web Mail, click Preferences / Web Mail Options and scroll to the bottom to the setting for "Your From Name". Make sure that is filled in with the name you want to appear in your messages, and then click the Save button.

That should save your name and prevent the First Time User screen from coming back. In the near future we will fix the bug where the name sometimes isn't being saved from that screen.

If you find that the solution described here does not work, please report it here.


Posted by: Susan Parker   |   July 26, 2007 8:42 PM    |   (1)

Since my last update my web mail does not save my login name or password(even when box is checked)

Something on your computer is not allowing the cookies to be saved from Web Mail. Check your browser and your security software settings. You must allow cookies to be saved from earthlink.net.

Email Guy

Posted by: ERV   |   September 28, 2007 12:32 PM    |   (2)

Old habits are hard to break! On version 5.50 -- and future versions -- please reverse the DELETE and the SPAM buttons... or allow me to do it in PREFERENCES. Otherwise, the improvements look good (so far!).

Posted by: David E. Cann   |   October 2, 2007 4:16 PM    |   (3)

This is a minor problem by most standards, but why does the "Known Spam" indicator ALWAYS indicate "0" when I initially log into WebMail? If I click the link (that indicates "0") it then takes me into the Known Spam folder where all of the spam is caught and displayed, and ONLY THEN does the number change to reflect that there is anything in the folder at all. . . .when I open it up and look for myself, and thus already know what is there. It has been this way for months, long before 5.5 came out, but why can it not work like the number on my inbox and reflect the number BEFORE I open it up and find out on my own?

This is a known bug and I apologize it has been around so long, but you are right that it is low on our list of priorities. Particularly since messages in that folder do not count in your storage quota, and they are limited to only the most recent 100 received (approximately) and then auto-deleted.

Email Guy

Posted by: Chunk Male   |   November 21, 2007 4:37 PM    |   (4)

I was wondering about that problem ("Known Spam" folder invariably indicates "0" initially) for a long time as well. Maybe it is time to move that up on the priority list. It really saves a few clicks and some time if you know right away if there is known spam or not.

Posted by: Travis Culp   |   February 25, 2008 8:59 AM    |   (5)

Why is it that at the Login screen you have to add the tag @earthlink.net?
Are there other ones that are used? Seems like you should be able to just
use your screen name, and skip the extra typing.

Yes, there are lots of our users that have other domains besides earthlink.net.

Email Guy

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