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Web Mail 5.16.4 released July 27 - 07/27/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Web Mail 5.16.4 released July 27
Date: July 27, 2007 8:31 AM
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This morning we did a maintenance release with only one visible change.

This release fixes the bug where some buttons were not appearing on older browsers, particularly IE 5.5.

We're still hard at work on a number of new features and on the new Web Mail 6.0, which will be ready this fall. Stay tuned for more.


Posted by: Bradley Warner Tompkins   |   July 27, 2007 12:06 PM    |   (1)

Hi, e-Mail Guy!

Things are indeed improving. That said, I hope you are going to let us try out 6.0 *well before* it goes live!

I realize the e-Link Newsletter is aimed at the wider audience of all EL subscribers, including those who never use Web Mail and maybe don't even realize it exists, yet it seems to rarely have any mention of the goings-on at the Web Mail site. Why is that? Especially with the nearing of 6.0, you should be using that venue to get the word out (IMHO).


There will be an article in the Newsletter when we get close to releasing 6.0, and we may release it in phases to smaller groups of users. We also have a beta test group that will get to use it first, to work out the kinks.

Email Guy

Posted by: Scott   |   July 30, 2007 2:04 PM    |   (2)

Every time I log on to Web mail, I get a box that warns that the server's certificate is either not valid or out of date and do I want to proceed. I have to click "Yes" about three different times to get into where I can check and send e-mail. How can this problem be solved?

If you are using Safari, this is a problem we are investigating (and may be fixed by now). If you are using Norton 360 security software, do a Live Update on it.

Email Guy

Posted by: Joyce   |   July 30, 2007 4:23 PM    |   (3)

Dear WebMail Guy - This is re trying to print out my emails. Just recently, when I attempt to print them out - the text size is so small you need a magnifying glass to read it!

It has never done this before - and no one I've asked has ever had this problem. Did I accidentally press something that changed the type size? It is Just on emails. Google websites print out o.k. and Corel - no problem. Can you tell me what to do, please?

Thanks - Joyce

The Printable View feature in Web Mail simply displays the email message in a new browser window, exactly the way it appears when you are just viewing the message normally in Web Mail. Your browser should be printing what you see on-screen, and if not, this is a problem with the browser or with your printer.

Email Guy

Posted by: L N   |   July 31, 2007 10:33 AM    |   (4)

Thanks for your hard work.

Hope this is already there, and Support just didn't know how (I checked),
but if not, how hard would it be to offer this as a minor maintenance upgrade?

Now you can easily "filter, check-all, move to a folder"
but you can't "filter, check all, forward"

Example: One of several mailboxes on your account is getting full so
you'd like to move certain subtopics that live in that box over to an
emptier mailbox on your account at Earthlink or some other place.
Now you have to forward each message individually, as far as I can tell.
Much better to "forward" them in bulk, just like you can "move" them in bulk.

What do you think?


Web Mail doesn't have a way to forward multiple messages together. I agree this would be nice feature, and thanks for the suggestion. However, it isn't likely that we will add this soon, due to many other things that are pending.

It isn't trivial like you might think, as Web Mail is a very different beast than an email program installed on your computer (which already has all the messages present locally). I'm not aware of any major Web Mail service that includes this feature. Nevertheless, it could probably be done and I'll keep the idea on my list.

Email Guy

Posted by: Kay   |   July 31, 2007 12:25 PM    |   (5)

How do I change the total deleating of my inbox. I want to save some of these for weeks and this am my inbox was totally deleated. This is frustrating!!!!

Your other email software is downloading and deleting your messages, and you will find them in that software on your computer. See this FAQ for more information, and instructions to change your settings.

Email Guy

Posted by: ronin   |   July 31, 2007 1:38 PM    |   (6)

What can you tell us about the 6.0 release? I haven't seen much info on it since that beta test went away. The real reason for this comment is to ask for a couple of changes in webmail dealing with the suspect mail folder:

1) It's a suspect email. Therefore it's mostly filled spam. The default action should be to report the email as spam, rather than 'Move to inbox and add contact'. The last thing you want if you should slip up is to have a spammer in your contact list.

2) Reporting spam takes too many actions. After selecting the spam messages, and choosing the option in the drop down menu, there's the intermediate page where you can choose to block the sender. It's spam, is that really necessary? The blocked senders list is finite, and I think that should be reserved for senders I know and consciously want blocked, not spammers. If I report something as spam, that should be the end of it. However, the reported spam message is now moved to the trash bin. Why not just delete it permanently? I don't think a user should have to delete spam twice, it's spam, of course he doesn't want to keep it.

Moving deleted spam to the Trash instead of just deleting it, is a known bug to be fixed. There will be more news about 6.0 soon, and we will be releasing it in phases over the next few months. Thanks for the suggestions.

Email Guy

Posted by: Franadora   |   August 1, 2007 12:55 PM    |   (7)

This is a followup on ronin's comment on the reporting spam.

I actually like that interim screen. Usually, I am deleting several items, and do not get the option to block the sender. However, it is a useful stop to allow me to check that I have not inadvertently checked some legitimate email. It happens. If I didn't have a chance to see only those I'm reporting, I would have to resort to reporting one-at-a-time, or quit reporting altogether - just deleting the stuff.

Posted by: Sara Hauser   |   August 6, 2007 4:02 PM    |   (8)

could you explain why I got no email all weekend and my mailbox is empty and I did not clean it out myself?

From the logs I see where the email software on your computer retrieved and deleted 45 messages yesterday, at Aug 5 18:07:33 ET. You will find those messages in that software now. It looks like you might be checking email with more than one software program, so check all email software you have on your computer, including Earthlink Total Access, Outlook Express, or anything else you might have run to check your mailbox.

You might also find this FAQ helpful.

Email Guy

Posted by: j   |   August 20, 2007 6:28 AM    |   (9)

i use safari. i appreciate your new changes, but now every time i sign out, my entire safari crashes.

are you going to fix this soon?

i use a mac, system x.

I've reported this problem with Safari. In the meantime you can change your Web Mail signout to not go to that page. See instructions here.

Email Guy

Posted by: harvey   |   August 26, 2007 7:58 PM    |   (10)

since you have changed/updated web mail whenever i sign off in web mail it goes into a preview earthlink page and not into my home earthlink page and this kicks me out of my browser i am using safari on my mac. i do not know how to by pass the preview mode and get back to my home page.

See this FAQ for instructions.

Email Guy

Posted by: Kathleen Norris   |   August 27, 2007 12:28 AM    |   (11)

I have been with Earthlink for many years, but I am really annoyed by all the flashing ads that now appear on the page with my inbox; so much so that I am going to move to another email system and eventually drop Earthlink completely. I have some friends who have the same complaint, but we haven't seen anything addressing this problem. I would like to stay with Earthlink, but I cannot stand the crazy ads. Please let me know what the thinking is on this; is there any chance you'll be dropping them?

Posted by: Daniel   |   August 28, 2007 11:00 AM    |   (12)

I agree with Kathleen's note on 8/27. The ads placed in and around the webmail feature are very annoying. I'm not planning on changing services, but since we pay for Earthlink, can't we have an ad-free webmail experience? Would be nice at least.

Posted by: B Southworth   |   September 30, 2007 11:45 AM    |   (13)

If not forward multiple, how about forward one at a time? When I open my inbox I sometimes have been sent email that is meant for my wife - but the sender didn't know her email address. It is annoying to have to open these in order to forward them. A forward option from the inbox - one message at a time - would be great.

>>>>Now you can easily "filter, check-all, move to a folder" but you can't "filter, check all, forward"

>>>>>>Web Mail doesn't have a way to forward multiple messages together. I agree this would be nice feature, and thanks for the suggestion.

Posted by: Patrick   |   January 29, 2008 1:56 PM    |   (14)

I use webmail when I'm away form home, but have Outlook take messages off the server when I get home (eventually). When I use webmail to send or respond to other emails, those sent emails are copied to my "sent" folder.

I'd like to get those "sent" messages into my Outlook archive at home, so they can be searched more efficiently. It makes sense that I should be able to just "move" all my sent messages to the in-box and let Outlook pick them up next time it checks the server.

And that what it does. For a few of the emails, 2 or 6 or 12. Then Outlook hangs on an email, and it will never go any farther. Not if I restart Outlook. Not if I restart the machine. The only way that I begin to receive email again is to go move all those sent messages out of the in-box, back to the "sent" folder.

I've tried this on and off over a few years, so it's not some recent behavior.

Do you have any thoughts on this problem? Thanks in advance.

I don't. Manually moving the messages into the Inbox is no different than the messages being newly delivered, and that in itself isn't what is causing your Outlook software to balk. I haven't heard of this problem before, but the trouble is on the Outlook end of things, and you aren't doing anything wrong by moving the messages in Web Mail.

Email Guy

Posted by: Bobster   |   March 12, 2008 5:58 PM    |   (15)

Can I stop Outlook from taking all the new messages when I open it? Or at least keep messages in both webmail and Outlook so when I travel I can access them.

See this FAQ. The short answer is that it is a setting in Outlook under the Account settings.

Email Guy

Posted by: Jek   |   May 24, 2008 7:39 AM    |   (16)

Per entry July 31, 2007- I would just like to say that if it were possible to forward multiple messages at once it would make my life a whole lot easier right now!!! And as far as Email Guy saying that it's difficult to do and not being aware of any major online mail services that can do it- where have you been? There are a TON of mail services that have been doing it, whether you put them in a folder and email the folder or check off all of the emails you wish to forward and hit "forward". Earthlink webmail stinks, I pay too much for an aggrivating service and too little mail space (which is why I want to forward my emails to my new account from a different service!)

I think you're confusing email software installed on your computer (like Outlook) with Web Mail, which uses a browser. None of the top 5 or 6 web-based email services have a feature allowing you to combine and forward more than one message, and those are the ones I monitor all the time. You can't even do it in the web version of Microsoft Exchange aka Outlook Web Access (a corporate webmail), which is arguably the most advanced web mail available. I agree it would be a useful feature.

Email Guy

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