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Email Guy out of the office this week - 10/30/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Email Guy out of the office this week
Date: October 30, 2007 11:24 AM
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I'll be back on November 5 and will catch up the pending comments and questions at that time.


Posted by: Voula H.   |   October 30, 2007 12:18 PM    |   (1)

I keep asking and have yet to receive the info I need. Please tell me why I cannot get color or graphics on the web site e-mail when I send messages? I use a Mac 10.4.10. Is it because I am using a Mac...or does Earthling not have this option available? Sometimes when I reply to a message that has color and graphics, I have this available (plain and color graphics). When I look up the preferences, it appears that there is a logo next to "write" to click in this option....but it is not there for me. Please...get back and let me know about this. I keep asking this question but have not received any good info back. There does not appear to be any info about this on the site as well. Help!

That feature is not supported by the Safari browser. The feature will work in Firefox on the Mac.

Email Guy

Posted by: Russ beck   |   November 1, 2007 11:15 AM    |   (2)

The PioneerLaughlin.com domain is blocked as spam on your server. We have changed IPs and this has resulted in mail being identified as spam. Please remove PioneerLaughlin.com from your spam list when you return on the 5th.

Russell Beck
It Manager
Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall

It isn't the domain, it is the new IP number, which was apparently on a black list for some reason. Send email to the address in the bounce message, and you will get an auto-reply instructing you how to get the block removed. It will ask you to put the sending server IP in the subject line and send it back. That will get you unblocked.

Email Guy

Posted by: sb   |   November 3, 2007 1:47 PM    |   (3)

If you grant the wish of the person who asked that "sign-off" be placed in the upper right corner of the Web Mail screen, please also leave it where it currently is (at the bottom of the vertical left-hand menu list) for those of us who find it more convenient in that location. Thanks!

Posted by: Lee Felt   |   November 3, 2007 1:48 PM    |   (4)

Thanks to the person who gave me help accessing my Web Mail today, Saturday. Everything is working well again, so thank you so much. Enjoy the weekend.

Posted by: Ed Garcia   |   November 3, 2007 7:27 PM    |   (5)

Windows OS is full of windows that pop up asking if we are sure we want to do this, that , etc... This is really tiresome when deleting something. The delete button takes a conscious effort to use and asking if I'm sure I want to delete something is a waste of time and in a small way a waste of energy....Electricity..

I notice the same redundancy in Web Mail... Why can't we just delete without having to assure all and sundry that we really want to delete?

Many thanks for an otherwise outstanding email program... I really appreciate it when traveling.


There should only be confirmations on permanent, non-recoverable actions. A simple delete, which only moves the message to the Trash, does not have a confirmation popup. If you found an action that makes you confirm non-destructive actions with a second step, let me know and we'll remove it.

Email Guy

Posted by: DC Bassett   |   November 5, 2007 7:24 AM    |   (6)

Thanks for providing this forum. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Constance Nelson   |   November 6, 2007 10:24 AM    |   (7)

Thanks for chaning the Spam/Delete buttons back to their original positions. That glitch--and my not paying attention--caused me much grief and embarrassment--even cost me a voice-over gig.

Here's something I've been meaning to write about for quite some time and never got around to it.

I am always frustrated when the server goes down or I otherwise lose my connection while composing messages, because I cannot retrieve my lost messages and the receiver does not get them. I'll press SEND and it doesn't go anywhere--just says that server cannot be found. And it never fails, it's always a long, long email that I lose--one that required great thought, research, and cut/pastes to compose. When I lose my connection, the Earthlink message vanishes into thin air and I lose it completely.

However, at work and we use Microsoft Outlook and the unsent messages either go into an Unsent folder....or a Draft folder. Is it possbile to program unsent/unfinished Earthlink messages to go to a special holding place when servers/connections are interrupted?


Yes, we are adding an auto-save feature that will prevent you from losing a typed message when the connection is lost or your session is lost. Look for this pretty soon.

Email Guy

Posted by: robin   |   January 8, 2008 9:33 AM    |   (8)

When,if ever, will I be able to see all my email with web mail,not just new messages? I have the capacity to do this with my email messages at work when I am at home,but when I am at work, I cannot get to some of my old messages from home.

See this FAQ.

You are deleting the messages from the server when you retrieve them to the email software on your home computer. You can change that setting in your other email software.

Email Guy

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