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Back and catching up - 11/06/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Back and catching up
Date: November 6, 2007 12:10 PM
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I'm working on catching up the past couple of weeks of submitted comments and questions now. Recent ones should be published today and tomorrow.


Posted by: Brigitte (B.) Kenney   |   November 10, 2007 6:11 PM    |   (1)

Don't know where to post this; looking for it, "search" yielded almost nothing, neither did FAQ. Maybe that is because my question is so stupid? Could be. I want to know how I can have 'AUTOFILL' stay on my beginning screens at all times. I know it is a Google feature, I also purchased some software that would provide "AUTOFILL" but I don't seem to be able to capture it, nor even find it most of the time. Help???

That feature is part of your browser. In IE it is in under Tools / Internet Options / Content. In Firefox the setting is under Privacy. All browsers will have a similar setting. This FAQ may help.

Email Guy

Posted by: IRIS MONTES   |   November 29, 2007 10:18 PM    |   (2)

I am having trouble sending e-mail's because they are larger than the 10MB capacity that is available. What is my solution? I need to forward these files to potential clients.

Kindly advise,

Iris Montes

A 10MB size limit on email is pretty universal with other email services too and if you sent larger messages, many recipients would not be able to receive them because their email provider would reject them. That may not be the case with the recipient you have in mind, but email isn't intended for moving large files around, and that should be done by posting the files to a web site and just emailing a link. There are a number of free services that allow you to do this if you don't have a web site. Search google for "send large email".

Email Guy

Posted by: keith springer   |   December 2, 2007 11:14 AM    |   (3)

when i get an email from someone the title might be [ this is a pic of my dog] but when i
save the pic to my pictures it changes the title to [ this ++ is ++ a + pic +++ of + my
++++ dog ] this is just an example,how do i keep it from doing this?

This is a known problem that happens with the IE browser. We'll get it fixed as soon as we can.

Email Guy

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