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Syncing the address book from Total Access - 11/09/07

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Syncing the address book from Total Access
Date: November 9, 2007 11:45 AM
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In the past week a number of users had trouble using the Sync feature in their Total Access Mailbox software, which allows syncing of the local address book with the Web Mail address book. Users were getting an error "The server is not available. Try again later." If you submitted a comment or question on this issue in the past few days, I didn't publish those while I was investigating the issue.

This problem has been fixed. All users should be able to sync now without trouble.


Posted by: Beth Fitzgerald   |   November 9, 2007 8:32 PM    |   (1)

I have a virus of some sort in my e-mail. The virus is sending hundreds of e-mails a day from my e-mail account to random e-mail addresses all over the world.

I am receiving e-mails (hundreds a day) telling me that my e-mail could not be delivered ( e-mails that I never sent in the first place). The title of the e-mails say "Message undeliverable" or "delivery failure" or something like that. There is also Russian writing in a number of them.

Please help!!!!

These are not being sent from your account, but a spammer is just inserting your From address (probably randomly since your address is a simple one), causing you to get bounces. See this FAQ for more information.

Email Guy

Posted by: Bill Pletcher   |   November 26, 2007 6:21 PM    |   (2)

I am commenting on the Address Book synchronization problem. I, too, experienced this problem continuously for several weeks (beginning in September or thereabouts), and reported it to tech support in October. I heard that it was fixed, and actually was able to synchronize again in mid-November, for maybe a week or so.

But once again I am unable to synchronize web and local address books ("server not responding" error message every time). I CHATted again, and on the technician's advice turned off all security on my PC (Norton Internet Security 2007 - firewall, spyware, intrusion, and even virus), but still had the problem. Backed up both web and local address books and ran FIXMAIL, also on a CHAT session technician's advice, but still had the problem. Is there a fix in the works, is this a random problem, or am I the only one still experiencing this difficulty?

I just checked it, and the new problem isn't related to anything you mention, and it has to be fixed on our end. This issue is not the same as the one before, and this will only affect users of IE7 at the default settings. There is an advanced setting you could change in IE7 to allow you to perform the sync, but we still need to fix it on our end. The IE7 connection engine is used by the mail software to do the sync feature.

In Tools / Internet Options / Advanced, you can uncheck the box to check for "server certificate revocation" near the bottom. The error means that the browser can't retrieve the revocation credentials from the server. I'm working on getting this fixed now. This is a new check that was created in IE7, and you can temporarily turn it off to perform the sync.

Thanks for the report.

Email Guy

Posted by: David K. Hummel   |   January 15, 2008 3:58 PM    |   (3)

I hope you can help me. I am new to Earthlink. After setting up & sending several emails I was told by friends that they are receiving the emails but that they are listed as being sent by a "Mark Robison". That is not me. Is it possible that I am sharing my email address with this person? Please advise!


No, that isn't possible. Click Preferences / Web Mail Options and scroll down to where you can set the From name. Evidently we didn't totally clear out the settings from the last person that had that email address, and I apologize for the inconvenience. But it is easy to fix.

Just FYI, when a mailbox is cancelled we put the address on hold for at least six months before allowing it to be re-used, and we are supposed to clean everything up and delete all the old settings. Something went wrong on this one.

Email Guy

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