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Find answers in "Ask Email Guy" - 01/23/08

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Find answers in "Ask Email Guy"
Date: January 23, 2008 8:41 AM
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If you haven't browsed the "Ask Email Guy" pages then you're missing out on the most popular and useful part of this blog. That section is where I give straight answers to questions from users about any Web Mail problem or feature.

Click the "Ask Email Guy" link to the left, and you can read all of the published questions and answers. You'll almost certainly find some information you can use there, and your own questions have probably come up before. Feel free to jump in and comment on anything I have written there, or help another user with your own suggestions.

If you have comments or suggestions that don't need a direct response from me, feel free to put those in the "Tell Us About It" section of the blog. Your feedback is important, both here and in the feedback mailbox linked from your Web Mail page (on the lower left under the folders).


Posted by: Jud   |   March 16, 2008 1:25 AM    |   (1)

When I want to forward an email, I can only forward to 3 people. Can you tell me how to change that to more people? Jud

There is no special limit for forwarding, and you can put up to 100 recipients on any outgoing Web Mail message.

Email Guy

Posted by: Wendy Powers   |   July 23, 2008 3:55 AM    |   (2)

Once again - without notice nor altering my settings nor my preferences - my web mail box emptied out mail - POOF - gone. This happened about a week ago and I wrote in, but never saw the post nor a reply. This has been happening occasionally when I least expect it to. I have not changed anything in my preferences so this makes no sense. I used to get really upset, but now I just shake my head and wonder if it is worth paying $5.95 per month for this web mail service. This has nothing to do with something I did . . . it is something that is happening automatically without notice by Earthlink. And why does this new and improved web mail system not work properly with Safari? There's no HTML! If I go to my other browsers like Firefox I have HTML with the new web mail. What is up with that? Email Guy - can you tell me why? I have emptied the cache. I have even deleted all of the cookies in my cookies folder as I was told that could be the problem. So, now that I have done all that . . the disappearance of web mail happened again. I use a Mac G4 Titanium laptop with OS 10.4.11. I have been using Safari primarily, but will use Firefox if I can get it to respond. I am not a computer geek and have no idea how they work. I just plug 'em in and use 'em. Can ya help me Email Guy?

Your last comment and my response is here.

None of your messages have ever been deleted by EarthLink.

Again, your email was downloaded and deleted by your other email software. But I have more detail for you this time. This last time happened at
Jul 22 16:51:27 EDT
when your software deleted 128 messages from the server, leaving 30. It is obvious from this latest record that you have your email software set to delete messages according to their age, e.g. all messages over a week old, or maybe 2 weeks. Otherwise all 158 would have been deleted in the session I show above. That's also why you only see it occasionally.

Look in the advanced settings of the account setup section of your email software. Turn off the setting to delete messages from the server. If you tell me what email software you are using, I can give you exact instructions. But I'm positive this setting is what is causing your trouble.

Safari has never supported the HTML compose feature (Color and Graphics). We are looking at the latest release to see if we can make it work on Safari.

Email Guy

Posted by: Renee   |   January 13, 2009 3:37 PM    |   (3)

In my line of work, I receive certain email messages which then have to be forwarded on to other people. The past few days, when I forward my email, usually as in-line text, the receiving party does not receive the message. They only receive the header which includes the To and From parties, and the subject line. Is there a way to fix this, as I have to do this a lot throughout the day.

Whatever you see in your compose view is what the recipient should get. You can confirm this from the copy placed in your Sent folder. Whatever you view there is an exact copy of what was sent out. So if you see the content, and the recipient does not, the problem is not on your end.

Email Guy

Posted by: Steve Jolly   |   March 2, 2010 4:23 PM    |   (4)

By the way, THANK YOU for the very high quality and density of useful information in this Blog. Outstanding!

Any chance that IMAP service could be offered at extra cost -- I'd actually pay a LOT more to have that option, and enough other folks might be out there to make it worth Earthlink's while to reformat access for selected users. Has anyone ever surveyed to see how that might help make Earthlink even more competitive in this difficult current environment. And, yes, I have a sense of the costs involved in retrofitting IMAP to something as huge as Eartlink's archives. See below...

I see another value: IMAP access would distinguish Earthlink from many of the other providers in a useful way. Many of us who are long-time users (note my "Mindspring" domain!) are occasionally inconvenienced by the slow web access at busy times of day and other minor problems associated with Earlhlink and its WebMail interface. I'd love to have IMAP as an option; it would justify staying here, which I very much want to do far into the future. This is my email home, and 1.2 kazillion people have my various Mindspring and Earthlink addresses and aliases (unfortunately, so do spammers, but that's another whine for another day).

Note that I'm a POP member, but I use POP (and Eudora) primarily for storage of my in-box mail (archiving), only very occasionally for sending messages, and almost never for my routine checks of new incoming mail and initially reading it. The big advantage of POP for me is that it allows rapid searching and classifying of my inbound mail once it's stored on my computer, as will as finding information buried inside individual emails.

I really want a way to store my "Sent" messages without losing all of the formatting and dates. As I said, I'd happily pay for it, but the "transfer to InBox" and then download, etc,. method is not going to accomplish that for me.

Any thoughts? This is meant as a helpful comment to a great mail service, not even remotely as a complaint...

Posted by: Susan Amerson   |   December 12, 2011 12:52 PM    |   (5)

There is no "ask email guy" link "to the left," but it seems I can ask my question, here.

Is it possible to move onto my hard drive all the emails from a particular person or persons? For a while, I was inundated with emails from someone with whom I am not in contact, now. I'd like to get those emails out of my Inbox, but there is a reason I do not want to delete them.

PS the computer is automatically checking the response to the Human? question, but you are using the computer to exclude other computers. Ironic.

Posted by: V. Heffernan   |   December 17, 2011 2:03 PM    |   (6)

I continue to have problems receiving attachments from those using MacMail. The previous comment in FAQ about instructing those sending the message to follow a protocol is not working for them and Earthlink somehow strips the attachment–or at least it's not getting to me. It has nothing to do with browser use as it happens in both Firefox and Safari. It appears to be an Earthlink issue. Won't someone comment on this and help out? It's a long standing issue.

Also, there have been some recent erratic issues happening with Earthlink web mail. Yesterday (Dec. 16, 2011) was impossible to use web mail. I'm one of those who pays $5.95 a month for this service. I'm getting advertisements, erratic quality in e-mailing and now this issue with MacMail. It's more than bothersome. Won't someone..e-mail guy where are you?... write and let us know what's going on? Or... do we need to move on to other services. Please comment.

Also... I seem to have a higher web mail version that what seems to have been the last version out. Is there a new version in the works? Is this why we're having some problems? Please do respond and let us know what's up!

For more information about receiving attachments from Mac Mail see this post.

Yes, it is a compatibility issue with EarthLink Web Mail and Mac Mail, and it has nothing to do with which browser you use.

The issue you report on the 16th was a network issue affecting DSL users, not Web Mail in particular, and it should have been resolved.

Email Guy

Posted by: CFD   |   March 10, 2012 9:22 PM    |   (7)

I have an email from last month that I placed in the trash folder---I have since emptied that trash folder. Unfortunately, I now need a copy of that email. Is there any way to recover that email?

No, emptying the Trash is a permanent deletion.

Email Guy

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