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Web Mail 5.54 released February 13 - 02/13/08

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Web Mail 5.54 released February 13
Date: February 13, 2008 4:11 AM
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This morning we released a minor update to fix a few bugs. We're still working on some bigger changes and improvements that will be announced soon.

Today's release was actually a big update for our domain hosting customers who access Web mail at webmail.hosting.earthlink.net, since they have not gotten the past few releases and were still on version 5.16.4, while the regular consumer Web Mail at webmail.earthlink.net was already up to version 5.53. So our hosting customers are getting all the updates released in the past five months, all at once. Hosting users can read the prior release notes for 5.50 and 5.51 to catch up on the changes (other release numbers didn't have significant user-facing changes).

The changes included in release 5.54 today are:

  1. We fixed problem that would sometimes cause the cursor on the login page to jump back to the username box while you were typing the password. This caused quite a few complaints from users who inadvertently had their password saved in plain text in the username box. It's fixed now and that shouldn't happen anymore.

  2. New accounts will now properly save the user's "From Name" entered on the first time user screen. This was not being saved properly since the last release, and is fixed now. The "From Name" is what appears on outgoing email with your email address.

  3. Users who have a blank "From Name" saved had been unable to update it and save anything, and that is now fixed. All users should now be able to set and save a "From Name". To set it, just click Preferences / Web Mail Options and scroll down to the From Name setting.

  4. Fixed a bug where the Preference setting for Sign-out Destination was not always being honored correctly.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon, and continue to let us know about any problems, either here or by using the Feedback link in Web Mail.


Posted by: Ginger   |   February 14, 2008 7:31 AM    |   (1)

I'm glad you fixed the bouncing cursor. That used to be a pain for me until I checked the box to remember me on this computer, then the cursor started at the password box since my email was already filled in. Now, however, with my email filled in, the cursor starts in the email box and I have to tab or click down to the password box. That's a little annoying. Is there a happy medium??? Thanks.

I checked into this today and we're going to fix it. If you have the username saved already, we'll start the cursor in the password box. Look for this in the next release.

Email Guy

Posted by: RK Price   |   February 14, 2008 9:17 AM    |   (2)

> 4. Fixed a bug where the Preference setting for Sign-out Destination was not always being honored correctly.

This used to work, now it takes me to the hompage instead of back to web mail. I went into preferences and even though it was set correctly, I saved it again. Still takes me to the homepage.

See this FAQ to make sure you are setting it correctly. It should be working.

UPDATE: See answer here.

Email Guy

Posted by: Tom Hayes   |   February 14, 2008 10:13 AM    |   (3)

Hmmmm, some update! Now, the cursor is ALWAYS preceeding the name, rather than starting in the 'password' box.... Grrrrrrr

I checked into this today and we're going to fix it. If you have the username saved already, we'll start the cursor in the password box. Look for this in the next release.

Email Guy

Posted by: Gary Chappelear   |   February 14, 2008 10:38 AM    |   (4)

Since the update, my cursor now defaults in the user id field, whereas before, since my name was already there (I think, because I checked "remember who I am" kinda thing, it always shows up and still does), but now I have to hit the TAB key to begin to type my password. I read where you had made some change about the cursor jumping back to the userid, and figured this was a result of that change. I just have to remember to either click in the password field to get it to be there or hit the TAB key, but I thought I would ask the question if this change was intentional... or just a product of making the non-desired "cursor jump" problem resolved and creating an extra intial keystroke. Thanks, Gary Chappelear. Mindspring customer since 1995.

You're right, and we're going to fix it. It was not intentional.

Thanks for the feedback.

Email Guy

Posted by: JD   |   February 14, 2008 2:16 PM    |   (5)

> 4. Fixed a bug where the Preference setting for Sign-out Destination was not always being honored correctly.

The sign-out option *had* been correctly taking me to the web mail sign in page since the fix last year, but this latest update has reset my selection incorrectly to MyE page upon sign-out. I know it had been set correctly before 2/13's update, but I had to reset it on 2/14.

Posted by: sallymiller   |   February 14, 2008 6:02 PM    |   (6)

why is mt cursor at adress and not password. How do I fix?

Posted by: HH   |   February 14, 2008 6:34 PM    |   (7)

Like JD, my sign-out destination is now NOT working. It had been before. I've tried resetting it but it reverts.

That is very strange, and shouldn't be happening. We can't reproduce it, and I know it is working for most users as I don't have other reports (just these two so far). If it doesn't clear up after another try, email me directly at email-guy at earthlink dot net and we'll get to the bottom of it.

Note: that address only accepts messages I have asked for in advance.

UPDATE: We figured out how to reproduce this, and there is a problem. It is so bizarre we really got lucky in finding it. It turns out, if you have sorted the message list by clicking one of the column headers, then when you log out it is going to the My EarthLink page. But if you don't use the column sort, it logs you out correctly by your preference setting, to the login page.

Sounds crazy. But we'll get it fixed.

Email Guy

Posted by: Robert McCollum   |   February 15, 2008 8:51 AM    |   (8)

Well you may have fixed the cursor jumping to the username while typing password, but now instead of starting the cursor at the password box you always start at the username box. Please fix it so that the cursor start back in the password box.

Posted by: liz98   |   February 16, 2008 8:05 PM    |   (9)

Oh! Thank you! For fixing "(1.)" where the cursor sometimes jumped back to username box while I typed password (my fingers whizzzz about the keyboard!), and I ended up having to start over (slow process 'cause I have dial-up). I've never checked "save" but I may consider now that I know only the username is saved, not the password. (Am I correct?) Again, thank you, Email Guy.

Yes. You may find this FAQ helpful.

Email Guy

Posted by: Ron Frum   |   May 13, 2008 7:22 PM    |   (10)

When i open my web mail, the system automatically opens two web mail windows. Didn't used to do this. It doesn't do it with other email programs (mail, yahoo, etc) so I think it is not my computer. Any suggestions?

There is nothing in Web Mail that can cause your browser to open two windows. I would check the bookmark or homepage setting you are using in your browser, as you may have saved a compound entry there. If you simply enter the address in your browser's address bar (webmail.earthlink.net) then it should not open two windows.

Email Guy

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