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Certificate problem with Norton 2008 - 03/19/08

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Certificate problem with Norton 2008
Date: March 19, 2008 5:02 PM
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A number of users who are using Norton Internet Security 2008, have reported getting certificate errors when navigating to Web Mail. The error will inform you that "Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available".

When using Norton 2008, the problem can also happen on other web sites, not just EarthLink Web Mail. Norton has published a support bulletin on their site here. The instructions say that running Norton Live Update will fix the issue.

A similar problem happened last year with Norton 360, and Norton fixed it with an update to their product. So perform the update function built-in to the Norton software and see if that resolves it. A Google search shows me that it is happening to users of Norton 2008 on other web sites, not just here.

But Web Mail is safe to use. The same certificate check is built in to the IE7 browser (Tools / Internet Options / Advanced / Check for publisher's certificate revocation) and if you allow IE to do the check without Norton running, it will pass and not give a security warning.

Again, Norton's instructions to fix the problem are here.

UPDATE: based on a report from user David Schwartz below, there apparently are two separate problems going on here. If you use IE6 without Norton, this problem can occur if you have changed the advanced security settings in the browser. But if you use IE7 (which has that setting enabled by default), the problem only occurs if you do have Norton (not updated). We're working on the IE6 issue now to find and fix the cause if it is on the EarthLink side. Thanks for the report.

UPDATE: the IE6 problem is fixed.


Posted by: David Schwartz   |   March 20, 2008 6:42 PM    |   (1)

To follow up on my post March 18 and your discussion of "Check For Server Certificate Revocation." I am still using IE6 with XP and 98se. With Norton completely disabled, not installed, when the "Check For Server Certificate Revocation" is selected the error box comes up. When not selected it does not come up. On another computer with IE7 and no Norton with the "Check For Server Certificate Revocation" selected, the error did not come up. This seems to be a IE6 issue with Earthlink, NOT NORTON DIRECTLY.
Norton, however, will not allow the "Check For Server Certificate Revocation" to uncheck.
The Norton fix with IE6 has no effect, with IE7 I don't know and for now I will stay with IE6.
Norton did send an NIS 2008.5 update download link which I hesitate to try for now!
I dislike being first with new and improved!
My guess is using IE7 is necessary with Earthlink.

"Welcome back to Symantec Technical Support."
Symantec has released an upgraded version of Norton Internet Security
(NIS) 2008 that is Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2008.5 version. You can
go ahead and upgrade your Norton 2008 to latest 2008.5 version (Free of
cost). Downloading and installing this new version of the 2008.5 Norton product
should resolve the issue that you are currently encountering with the 2008
version of your Norton program.

We always recommends to uninstall the previous version of Norton
program before installing the upgrade of the same. To uninstall Norton product
use the Norton Removal Tool, it is designed to remove left over Norton files
and registry entries that may be interfering with the Norton installation.
Please refer the link below to use Norton Removal tool:

Title: 'Download and run the Norton Removal Tool'
Document ID: 2005033108162039
> Web URL:


You can download Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2008 from the
following location:


Thanks for this report, there apparently is some strangeness going on with IE6 that we are looking into now. At this point I have no idea why it would be different since the same cert check is done in both browsers, and the certificates are up to date. But I have reproduced what you describe and we're working on it.

Email Guy

Posted by: Janice   |   April 5, 2008 7:04 PM    |   (2)

Have followed instructions provided by Norton and STILL receive security certificate error. The problem with IE6 is NOT fixed. (BTW, Norton does not mention NIS 2008.5 upgrade in instructions in link provided by Earthlink.)

We fixed the IE6 problem again (when used without NIS).

Email Guy

Posted by: ellen   |   April 12, 2008 7:29 PM    |   (3)

I had this problem and just as suddenly as it appeared it seems to have disappeared. Whatever, its gone!!!!!! Too bad Norton never sent a notice about either the problem or the available upgrade - Thanks webmail guy!!!!! You are the only place on the internet that clearly told us what to do. THANKS!

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