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From: Email Guy
Subject:       Web Mail 5.60 Released April 11
Date: April 11, 2008 3:32 AM
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We updated Web Mail today, adding a few improvements and fixing a few bugs. Here's a list of the changes you'll notice.

  1. One big change is an improvement to the Preferences views. We've organized them into a tabbed view, making it much easier to find the setting you're looking for and making it faster for dialup users. Clicking Preferences in the new release, you'll see this:


    All the same settings as before are present, but they're just better organized and easier to get to. Click on any of the four tabs and the related settings will be listed immediately without having to load a new page.

  2. We also updated the pagination control to make it easier to use. That's the buttons at the upper right over your Inbox list, where you navigate through the pages of your Inbox list.


  3. Many users who use spamBlocker set to High wanted the default action in the Suspect Email folder to be Delete, since that is used a lot more than the other selections in the drop-down list. So the default selection is now Delete, but the list of options is unchanged.


  4. You'll also notice some minor changes to the Date column format in your Inbox list. We made this column a little smaller to give more room for the Subject, and made the display format a little more friendly. Instead of seeing a full date including a 4-digit year, now you'll see something like "Apr 11" for any messages received in the past year, and the full year format will only be shown for messages older than 11 months.

  5. And we fixed a few bugs in this release.
    • On the login page, if you have used the checkbox to remember your email address, the cursor will now come up in the password box automatically.

    • Some users couldn't edit their Blocked Sender List, getting an "internal error". That problem is fixed.

    • The setting for "Sign-out Destination" wasn't always being honored, and if certain actions were done during the session (including column sorting) the sign-out would always go to MyEarthLink regardless of your setting. That is now fixed.

As always, please let us know if anything isn't working right, and keep the feedback coming.