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Web Mail 5.60 Released April 11 - 04/11/08

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Web Mail 5.60 Released April 11
Date: April 11, 2008 3:32 AM
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We updated Web Mail today, adding a few improvements and fixing a few bugs. Here's a list of the changes you'll notice.

  1. One big change is an improvement to the Preferences views. We've organized them into a tabbed view, making it much easier to find the setting you're looking for and making it faster for dialup users. Clicking Preferences in the new release, you'll see this:


    All the same settings as before are present, but they're just better organized and easier to get to. Click on any of the four tabs and the related settings will be listed immediately without having to load a new page.

  2. We also updated the pagination control to make it easier to use. That's the buttons at the upper right over your Inbox list, where you navigate through the pages of your Inbox list.


  3. Many users who use spamBlocker set to High wanted the default action in the Suspect Email folder to be Delete, since that is used a lot more than the other selections in the drop-down list. So the default selection is now Delete, but the list of options is unchanged.


  4. You'll also notice some minor changes to the Date column format in your Inbox list. We made this column a little smaller to give more room for the Subject, and made the display format a little more friendly. Instead of seeing a full date including a 4-digit year, now you'll see something like "Apr 11" for any messages received in the past year, and the full year format will only be shown for messages older than 11 months.

  5. And we fixed a few bugs in this release.
    • On the login page, if you have used the checkbox to remember your email address, the cursor will now come up in the password box automatically.

    • Some users couldn't edit their Blocked Sender List, getting an "internal error". That problem is fixed.

    • The setting for "Sign-out Destination" wasn't always being honored, and if certain actions were done during the session (including column sorting) the sign-out would always go to MyEarthLink regardless of your setting. That is now fixed.

As always, please let us know if anything isn't working right, and keep the feedback coming.


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Posted by: Sanford Brown   |   June 6, 2008 2:57 PM    |   (51)

One feature that I'm surprised more people haven't requested: ability to sort known SPAM by column! Then, all messages from the same sender would all be in a group, ready to be flagged as not spam, for example!

Sanford Brown

You've always been able to do this. All folders, including Known Spam, can be sorted by the Sender, Subject, Date, or Size columns by clicking the heading over the column.

Email Guy

Posted by: Marilyn Lavin   |   June 9, 2008 9:28 AM    |   (52)

How do you off marginal ads that jiggle (PetMets etc). They are madly distracting; I cannot work with them on. Makes me want to change providers. MAL

Posted by: Barbie B Foster   |   June 11, 2008 7:19 AM    |   (53)

Please do not use light blue ink or any other color that makes it harder for those of us whose sight is not the greatest to read.
Thank you very much

Posted by: Mumia W.   |   June 11, 2008 8:12 AM    |   (54)

I typically read mail with the messages sorted by subject, but Webmail sorts without consideration of the "Re: " in the subject lines of responses. This results in the annoying problem of responses being very far from their original messages (when the messages are sorted by subject).

I would like Webmail to sort in such a way to keep responses (subject-prefixed with "Re: ") near their original posts.

Posted by: Ann Sherwin   |   June 14, 2008 9:59 AM    |   (55)

Regarding change of Suspect Email folder default action to Delete:
I don't like this change. My most common actions are "Move to Inbox and add contact" and "This is spam" (in that order). Most of the messages that come to my Suspect Email folder are from new prospective clients. When you first made the change, I found myself having to retrieve messages I had accidentally deleted. I am getting used to it now, but I would rather set my own default. Is this possible?

No, the default is set to the most commonly used option (by far) and it can't be changed by the user.

Email Guy

Posted by: Ann Sherwin   |   June 14, 2008 10:19 AM    |   (56)

SpamBlocker works well for me most of the time. But I do not use the allow-sender autoresponse because I feel it could be a turnoff to new prospective clients. I prefer to check my Suspect Email folder daily, and therefore I see the spam and report it rather than having it automatically deleted. I now get only a small fraction of the spam I got before.
But can't Earthlink automatically detect and block messages from "unspecified domain" — which, in my experience, are always spam?
Also, I would love to have the option of automatically blocking all messages with non-Roman characters in the subject line, or something similar that could be automatically detected. Much of the spam that reaches my suspect folder is in Chinese.

Posted by: Pam Monk   |   June 25, 2008 3:29 PM    |   (57)

Since the webmail was changed I have not been able to access it through my Blackberry. I contacted my provider and they said they have been receiving the same complaint from other customers as well. Is there a way this can be corrected? I have my work email automatically sent to my Blackberry, but like to check my personal account when I'm away from home.

On a Blackberry you need to use the POP email software to check your mailbox. Just set the server to pop.earthlink.net. Web Mail does not support mobile devices. You might have been using a legacy WAP site (mobile.earthlink.net) that we discontinued a while back and haven't supported for several years, but the server was still up until sometime this year.

Email Guy

Posted by: ann chuk   |   June 25, 2008 4:54 PM    |   (58)

I prefer the default for spam file to be INBOX.. the right side is delete, and you can delete them all at once, but if there is one or two that you would like in your inbox, that should be the default on the left side.. i have deleted some that i wanteed in my inbox before i realized you had changed it..

Posted by: Nancy Henderson-James   |   June 26, 2008 10:04 PM    |   (59)

The cursor does NOT come up automatically in the password box. I still have to click there. I have an iMac

Posted by: Sue   |   July 13, 2008 1:46 PM    |   (60)

Regarding change of Suspect Email folder default action to Delete: When you made this change, you did not take into account those of us with hand tremors and movement disorders, whose fingers sometimes press on keys and mouse buttons involuntarily while trying to carry out a function. Now that the "delete" is the default choice on how to handle emails that have been selected, I have managed to delete several critical emails without meaning to, all in the past couple of days. And the tech services department tells me that once emails have been deleted from the Suspect Emails folder, they are gone from the server forever and cannot be retrieved.

Now I have to explain to my clients why I haven't answered the email they sent me, or beg an online store to resend the discount code I earned from shopping with them.

Why can't we set the default for the Suspect Email folder to the default that suits the individual user? Some people may use Delete more often, but for many of us, the prioritized sequence is: look at the emails, Move to Inbox and Add Contact for the most important ones, move a few others to the inbox, then Delete the rest. The way the defaults are arranged is now backwards and presents a problem.

Earthlink needs to rethink their decision of imposing a fixed default Delete, and consider allowing everyone to set their own defaults.

The good news is you were misinformed about deleted emails. All deleted emails (from any folder) are simply moved to the Trash folder and can easily be recovered from there. This is specifically so that mistakes don't cause you to lose anything. The default period to keep messages in the Trash is 14 days, and you can change that in Preferences to as high as Never.

Email Guy

Posted by: Kay   |   August 1, 2008 7:49 PM    |   (61)

I too, do not like the suspect email set at default of delete as mine has never gone to my trash folder or any other folder in my email and is simply deleted. You should give us an option. You now have two settings defaulted at delete. Again, none of my deleted mail from the suspect box is recoverable.

When viewing the Suspect Email folder and you use the Delete checked items at the top and click Go, those messages are absolutely put in the Trash folder, always. On the other hand, if you use the button on the far right that says "Delete All Messages" you get a popup confirmation informing you that the messages will be permanently deleted, and they are, and not put in the Trash. You have to OK this on the confirmation.

This discussion has been about the default Delete selection in the menu of actions, and that absolutely moves messages to the Trash, it does not permanently delete them.

Email Guy

Posted by: Henrietta McClellan   |   September 6, 2008 8:35 AM    |   (62)

The following is not true on my login page. Please fix it. Thank you.

"On the login page, if you have used the checkbox to remember your email address, the cursor will now come up in the password box automatically."

We're aware that this sometimes fails with Safari. It is working correctly on other browsers.

Email Guy

Posted by: Marjorie   |   September 30, 2008 11:31 PM    |   (63)

Why are emails blocked and deleted that are not listed as blocked addresses This has become such an annoying occurence.

The only way any email is deleted and not delivered to your mailbox, is when it is on your personal Blocked Sender List. Email that is simply identified as spam (right or wrong) is still always delivered to the spam or suspect folders.

If a remote server is blocked due to bad behavior, then email from there is never accepted in the first place and the sender is notified of the reason so that they can get it fixed on their end. They are not allowed to send anything to EarthLink.

Email Guy

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