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Web Mail 6.0 released to all users today - 06/30/09

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Web Mail 6.0 released to all users today
Date: June 30, 2009 6:07 AM
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The new Web Mail 6.0 that we've been beta-testing was released to all users this morning.

If you have a very old browser you may not see it as you are automatically redirected to a legacy server. That's the same servers you will go to if you opt-out of the new Web Mail (link at upper right).

I'll post more later, I just wanted to begin a thread for feedback. I'll also catch up the comments from the past couple of weeks that I didn't have time to get to as we were getting ready for this release.

UPDATE: below are some snippets from the feedback mailbox in the first few hours. For those who don't like it, we provided an opt-out, and there aren't very many people using that. We're also getting a lot of good suggestions and a few bug reports, which we'll get right on.

I'll post about some of the suggestions and what we plan to do next soon. Two big ones that are coming soon and many people already commented on, are a preference to save your default font settings for compose, and an autosave to drafts. Those are already in progress.


I like the new look and ease of writing and reading messages! I was surprised to find the change when I logged on tonight, but, so far, am very pleased.

I do like the "new" look!!

I like the new Web Mail format. Easier to read and seems to make more sense. Thanks.

I love the new look and now it time to up date the home page to give the home page life. Some of the home page need to be taken out; Again great web mail look.

Thanks for finally moving Sign Out to the top. It would be easier to find and use if it were a button on the blue bar, next to News. It is not like the other things in the top utility links.

The new format is great. I like the new Search Mail feature. I no longer see the error codes. Keep doing good work.

AT first glance I didn't like it, but after the following "first use" I'm VERY happy - you have considered every issue I've felt in working under the old pages - no trouble getting color/fonts; more than three attachments possible - I LIKE IT! THANK YOU!

Great new look! KUDDOS!

i like this system. i only just started it but it looks great. good job.

THANK GOD FOR THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!!!!!! It took you guys a long time, but I am really glad to hae it

Just a note to say Thank YOU for the new format and Options with sending a email. I appreciate your help and great service!

This new WebMail is really NICE! Everything that has been an inconvenience, has been resolved!! Thanks!

Absolutely love the new design!!

Not an issue - just a thank you for moving the Sign Out button to the top where it's much more accessible. I have a small laptop screen, and it's always a drudge to scroll down to the bottom to find the button.

A nice surprise this morning. The new WebMail layout is an improvement over the old version. Sure, it will take a bit of getting used-to, but the flow is cleaner, crisper and faster - faster, I mean as far as my ability to navigate without scrolling.

Good job.

No problems or suggestions. Just wanted to say I really like the new style. Very effective and user-friendly. Keep up the good work.

I like the new Web mail page!

i like the new web mail it faster thank you , i wish it held more save mail that is so good to save , but it faster so thank you

I like your new look.
You have to do this every now and then.

i like the new look!

I really like the new web mail especially the way it handles pictures and attachements.

I like the new webmail. It is more friendly and I would like to walk through the new features.
Do you have a document or link available?
Thank you and have a good day.

I really like the upgrade you have done to the web mail interface!

The new webmail is attractive and easy to use, but you still do not have the feature I most want. Autosave.

I really like the new look of Webmail, being that I use it every day to check my e-mail, it is nice to see the refresh.

I love the new webmail design--it looks great!

I love the new design! Keep up the good work.

Very nice look! Thanks!

Thanks for all you do :)

Like your new look

I like the new look and layout - even took one of my suggestions.

I love the new design except you've lost over half of my address book???????? What did you do with it?

Like the new email! Easy to use - piece of cake to transition to. No having to scroll to get to what I need.

Much better interface. Thanks.

To Whom It May Concern,
thank you very much for nice new Web Mail!

No suggestion here,just wanted to say the new mailboxes are really cool!! Much easier to read and looks very organized.

I like the new look of the left side. Not being very computer literate, keeping it simple works for me.

I think I like your new interface.

Nice to have the Sign Out Form at the Top rather than having to scroll WAY DOWN -

I like the new look. The selection across the top of the page is better...easier access; rather than scrolling down the page to find the button. One thing I would prefer is having HTML as default. I think most of us like to edit the look of our emails without having to select another button.

I see a new look with the web mail page today and I like it. I do however hate the ebay advertisement at the top of the page that has been there since the beginning of time. How can I get rid of that?

Thanks for the new format for WebMail. So far I love it. It is like other webmail programs (Yahoo for one) and so much easier to use!

Wow!!! the new Web mail page is GREAT !!! I just used it the first time, this morning, and it's much faster. Thanks for all you do to make emailing a great pleasure --and safe while doing so:):)

Looks Great!


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Posted by: John Olden   |   December 21, 2011 10:53 PM    |   (51)

I frequently flag a message in order to remind me to look at it again or save it for future use. When I scroll thru messages by deleting the message, the next message is displayed, but there is no indication that the message was flagged. I may then, not realizing it was flagged, delete it. I would like you to add something that would indicate a message is flaged that can be seen when reading a message.

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