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Web Mail 6.0 released to all users today - 06/30/09

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Web Mail 6.0 released to all users today
Date: June 30, 2009 6:07 AM
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The new Web Mail 6.0 that we've been beta-testing was released to all users this morning.

If you have a very old browser you may not see it as you are automatically redirected to a legacy server. That's the same servers you will go to if you opt-out of the new Web Mail (link at upper right).

I'll post more later, I just wanted to begin a thread for feedback. I'll also catch up the comments from the past couple of weeks that I didn't have time to get to as we were getting ready for this release.

UPDATE: below are some snippets from the feedback mailbox in the first few hours. For those who don't like it, we provided an opt-out, and there aren't very many people using that. We're also getting a lot of good suggestions and a few bug reports, which we'll get right on.

I'll post about some of the suggestions and what we plan to do next soon. Two big ones that are coming soon and many people already commented on, are a preference to save your default font settings for compose, and an autosave to drafts. Those are already in progress.


I like the new look and ease of writing and reading messages! I was surprised to find the change when I logged on tonight, but, so far, am very pleased.

I do like the "new" look!!

I like the new Web Mail format. Easier to read and seems to make more sense. Thanks.

I love the new look and now it time to up date the home page to give the home page life. Some of the home page need to be taken out; Again great web mail look.

Thanks for finally moving Sign Out to the top. It would be easier to find and use if it were a button on the blue bar, next to News. It is not like the other things in the top utility links.

The new format is great. I like the new Search Mail feature. I no longer see the error codes. Keep doing good work.

AT first glance I didn't like it, but after the following "first use" I'm VERY happy - you have considered every issue I've felt in working under the old pages - no trouble getting color/fonts; more than three attachments possible - I LIKE IT! THANK YOU!

Great new look! KUDDOS!

i like this system. i only just started it but it looks great. good job.

THANK GOD FOR THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!!!!!! It took you guys a long time, but I am really glad to hae it

Just a note to say Thank YOU for the new format and Options with sending a email. I appreciate your help and great service!

This new WebMail is really NICE! Everything that has been an inconvenience, has been resolved!! Thanks!

Absolutely love the new design!!

Not an issue - just a thank you for moving the Sign Out button to the top where it's much more accessible. I have a small laptop screen, and it's always a drudge to scroll down to the bottom to find the button.

A nice surprise this morning. The new WebMail layout is an improvement over the old version. Sure, it will take a bit of getting used-to, but the flow is cleaner, crisper and faster - faster, I mean as far as my ability to navigate without scrolling.

Good job.

No problems or suggestions. Just wanted to say I really like the new style. Very effective and user-friendly. Keep up the good work.

I like the new Web mail page!

i like the new web mail it faster thank you , i wish it held more save mail that is so good to save , but it faster so thank you

I like your new look.
You have to do this every now and then.

i like the new look!

I really like the new web mail especially the way it handles pictures and attachements.

I like the new webmail. It is more friendly and I would like to walk through the new features.
Do you have a document or link available?
Thank you and have a good day.

I really like the upgrade you have done to the web mail interface!

The new webmail is attractive and easy to use, but you still do not have the feature I most want. Autosave.

I really like the new look of Webmail, being that I use it every day to check my e-mail, it is nice to see the refresh.

I love the new webmail design--it looks great!

I love the new design! Keep up the good work.

Very nice look! Thanks!

Thanks for all you do :)

Like your new look

I like the new look and layout - even took one of my suggestions.

I love the new design except you've lost over half of my address book???????? What did you do with it?

Like the new email! Easy to use - piece of cake to transition to. No having to scroll to get to what I need.

Much better interface. Thanks.

To Whom It May Concern,
thank you very much for nice new Web Mail!

No suggestion here,just wanted to say the new mailboxes are really cool!! Much easier to read and looks very organized.

I like the new look of the left side. Not being very computer literate, keeping it simple works for me.

I think I like your new interface.

Nice to have the Sign Out Form at the Top rather than having to scroll WAY DOWN -

I like the new look. The selection across the top of the page is better...easier access; rather than scrolling down the page to find the button. One thing I would prefer is having HTML as default. I think most of us like to edit the look of our emails without having to select another button.

I see a new look with the web mail page today and I like it. I do however hate the ebay advertisement at the top of the page that has been there since the beginning of time. How can I get rid of that?

Thanks for the new format for WebMail. So far I love it. It is like other webmail programs (Yahoo for one) and so much easier to use!

Wow!!! the new Web mail page is GREAT !!! I just used it the first time, this morning, and it's much faster. Thanks for all you do to make emailing a great pleasure --and safe while doing so:):)

Looks Great!


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Posted by: Byron   |   July 5, 2009 11:48 PM    |   (26)

You still have a problem.

I cleared my cache and set my preferences to clear on exit. Took a reboot for the settings to take effect on all my accounts but they all showed the new interface; that is until Sunday night. I logged into my primary account (the one noted in the form) and got the old interface. Reloaded the page with the reload button in the browser, still the old interface. Hit F5, page reloaded with the old interface; hit F5 again, page again reloaded with the old interface but this time there was an option just below the mailbox percentage used to "Use the New Interface". That option had not been there before. I clicked it, had to login again but this time the new interface appeared.

Since I had manually cleared the cache, several times and had also rebooted several times which should also have cleared the cache. I think earthlink is indeed redirecting Opera to the legacy servers. That's the only explanation I can think of since previous logins had shown the new interface and there were no copies of the old interface in the browser's cache.

If it happens again, I'll be sending another report.

Browsers are detected by the User-agent string provided by the browser itself. We definitely are not redirecting any Opera strings, and all versions do correctly load the new interface. If you have modified the agent string, that would explain it. Or you may have inadvertently opted-out, in which case there would be a link under the quota bar to go back.

You can check your user-agent string here:

If it doesn't say IE5, or Firefox, or Gecko, or Safari, then we are not redirecting it. The unmodified string for the latest Opera browser is
Opera/9.64 (--OS here--) Presto/2.1.1

Also the hosted domains version of Web Mail has not been updated at all, just in case you are using that.

Email Guy

Posted by: Peter Brooks   |   July 6, 2009 10:34 PM    |   (27)

Following up on djh-nyc's comment about having BCC as an option: it doesn't save two identical copies of the same email. Having a copy saved to SENT just places it there; having a copy BCC'd sends it partway out into the wide world and back again, following part of the path that the TO and CC will follow. Check the headers and you'll see.

I use it as a QC check to make sure that I see what recipients see, in case there are problems (and occasionally there are). If BCC is an option, I'd like to add my vote for having it retained as present by default. I BCC *everything*.

I've not had exposure to the new interface for long enough to make an informed decision about whether I like it, but saw a few bugs immediately that made me switch back to the old interface until you've had time to address them. No doubt others have already reported 'em so I won't join my voice to the chorus unless I still see 'em in a few days time :)

PS. If someone like me forgets to include their email address on a post to the blog, the reprimand says "Please click your Back button to make the correction" - except you can't, because the web form has been cleared... Might be worth a look into one of these days... PB

The path it takes makes no difference to the body content of the email. The copy in Sent will always be an exact copy of what you get back via Bcc. The bug you mention above has been fixed but not yet released, as well as a number of others. We'll have an update soon. We are also considering a preference to leave Bcc always open, but that won't be in the next release.

Email Guy

Posted by: Bruce Reaves aka EBR   |   July 8, 2009 4:07 PM    |   (28)

I use webmail a lot at work and on the road. Among other things, I use it to delete items I don't intend to d/l to my PC's email client. Some I can tell by the author or the subject line, others I can't decide until I open them.

One thing I'd love to see is a preference setting that would, when I read a message and then flag it or delete it or mark it unread, return me to the list insetad of automatically opening the next item.

Posted by: Bruce Reaves aka EBR   |   July 9, 2009 9:49 AM    |   (29)

Love the new interface!
New or old, here are a few suggestions that would make my use of webmail easier/friendlier.
Currently, the "flag message" and "mark message as unread" options are only available whjile viewing a message (not when viewing the list of messages). Also, when you select either of them, you get returned to the list of messages. Conversely, if you delete a message while viewing it, you get taken into viewing the next message (instead of being returned to the list). This inconsistency in behavior can be confusing.
But what I'd really like is to have more options. I'd like to be able (while viewing a message) to mark it as flagged and/or as unread and/or as deletable (checkboxes?) and have the action taken when I hit enter or previous or next. Further, I'd like to have a preference setting so that I can set it to either go on to the next message OR to return me to the list of messages when I hit enter. And further, when viewing the list of messages, I'd like to be able to check a bunch of them and then hit "flag" or "mark as unread" or (as another user has suggested) "mark as read" in addition to the currently available options of "delete" or "spam" or "move to...".

Posted by: James   |   July 9, 2009 2:00 PM    |   (30)

In the new version, when deleting emails individually from the suspect mail folder, I still keep getting the error message "this message no longer exists on the server". This is a minor but persistent annoyance, and I thought this was supposed to be fixed.

Posted by: Zoey V.   |   July 9, 2009 6:35 PM    |   (31)

I really like the new style of the webmail 6.0 it is so easy to see
and like the 3d pop up effect of the buttons.

Posted by: 12 year Earthlink customer   |   July 10, 2009 12:41 AM    |   (32)

I am using the old webmail because I don't care for the new Webmail. The time-stamp is off by 2 hours.

Posted by: Pat Goldberg   |   July 13, 2009 2:09 AM    |   (33)

I didn't mind the new webmail. Sort of liked it. But tonight something else happened that I hate. I can't see my mails titles all at once any more. Could see all 50 and click to open them.
Now I can only see 8 mails at once. Thats not good enough. I can't seem to make the mail window itself larger by grabbing the line between the headline and the message. It stays the same size.
How can I fix this ?

It sounds like you had preview turned off before and now you have it turned on. You can click the Hide Preview, or change it permanently in Preferences.

Email Guy

Posted by: chatterbox   |   July 15, 2009 11:06 AM    |   (34)

Email Guy
any reply to Julie July 1

- an error page with a redirect loop indefinitely. According to Earthlink it is a Firefox problem yet Firefox says it is a server problem.

You said - It isn't a Firefox problem, but it also isn't happening to most Firefox users. I have someone looking into this for you. What's the story ??

I have had what sounds like the same problem, with Firefox and occasionally with Safari - using PC, two different pre intel Macs, three different ISP, from Canada and US.

After wasting 25 minutes with Earthlink Support chat obsessed with cookies, the supervisor says - its a server problem and its nationwide - engineers are looking in to it.

Do you have any more specific info ? Did the 6.0 beta do this - seems like the timing is about right - two or three weeks ago. Thanks

This has happened to a few users who opted out of the new interface, and we still don't know why but are working on it. It should only be intermittent according to the few reports we have.

Email Guy

Posted by: Ben   |   July 15, 2009 2:56 PM    |   (35)

Half of the personal e-mail addresses and all of the domains were missing from the new version. In fact, I don't even see a feature for domains in the new version. I switched back to the old one.

Click the spamBlocker drop down at the top of the Address Page, and select Manage Whitelist. That is your domain list.

Email Guy

Posted by: David Biesack   |   July 15, 2009 11:17 PM    |   (36)

I've noticed that the new WebMail has problems in Firefox 3.5 (works fine in Firefox 3.0 and IE 7).
Specifically, the main WebMail toolbar with Write/Search etc. buttons does not show up when using Firefox 3.5. I confirmed this with technical support. It appears to be a problem with the CSS, although I don't know if it is non-standard CSS in WebMail or a bug in Firefox.

Thus, to compose new mail, you only option is to reply to an existing mail message, then reset all the fields.

I've reverted back to the previous webmail interface in the interim (but now I do not see an option to enable the new WebMail interface)

It isn't a problem with the version of Firefox, 3.5 works fine. Try clearing the cache in that browser and restarting it.

Your option to go back to the new one is under the quota bar.

Email Guy

Posted by: Jeff   |   July 20, 2009 11:49 AM    |   (37)

Another suggestion:

It would be great if the Search Messages feature always defaulted to the INBOX
rather than nothing (forcing you to pick every time you search)

Also, when can we expect that the problem I reported in Comment #1 is going to

The consistency of the displayed Plain Text font is being fixed, but I don't know which release (it wil be one of the next two).

Email Guy

Posted by: Joe Poole   |   July 21, 2009 3:01 PM    |   (38)

Note for use of address book in the new webmail. Group names must only contain numbers and letters. In the old address book I was also able to use a "-" not any more.

I'll check into this.

Email Guy

Posted by: Peter Brooks   |   July 22, 2009 12:28 PM    |   (39)

Re: the reponse to my (28) - although nowadays the headers are generally suppressed in many mail clients, in days of yore the headers were visible in (and still are) part of the body, so the body *is* different, just not the "body" that you refer to.

But the key reason for wanting BCC available as standard is that it's a very useful quality check. If I send an email to someone without a BCC to myself, if the recipient claims they haven't received anything, the copy of my email in my SENT folder isn't going to be very informative. But if I haven't received my BCC copy either, that suggests the email may not even have left EarthLink's servers, rather than my email having been lost or rejected by the recipient's ISP.

Likewise, if my BCC arrives almost instantly then I'm confident that my email is on its way. If the recipient still hasn't received anything, at least we know EarthLink isn't at fault, and that aids in troubleshooting. The SENT folder isn't going to give me anything other than a copy of what I (think I) sent.

There have been occasions when I have tried sending an email and received a message from the Webmail interface to the effect that there was a problem sending and I should try again. My SENT folder may say the email has been sent, but only the receipt of my BCC copy is going to tell me whether there really has been a problem with sending.

Sorry to harp on about this, but it's an important aspect for me, and I suspect, for others.



Posted by: Peter Brooks   |   July 29, 2009 3:26 AM    |   (40)

I've finally had some quality time to work with the new interface, and I have to say... that I see a few superficial changes but still there are some old bugs that should have been cleared up long ago, and a few new ones.

Old bugs:

The Known Spam folder still doesn't show when it has content, and sometimes the Suspect Email folder doesn't either. Once I've opened them and closed them, *then* they show a content count.

A few minutes after I've begun editing a draft email and try to save the work I've done so far, when I click Save As Draft I get an error message telling me the email is no longer on the server. The only solution - still - is to select all+copy the content I've created, Cancel the email, click through the double-check that I want to do what I'm forced to do, then re-open the draft email, delete the current body and replace it with what's on the clipboard (hopefully), and then try to save as draft again (which usually works).

New bugs:

The text in the % of allocation used bar seems to have lost its formatting (I'm guessing many people may have told you about that one).

A weird one (I have a screenshot available) - when adding a second file to be attached to an email I often get multiple Browse buttons with text boxes (at least three so far; I haven't tried to see if I can break my own record). Sometimes this leads to multiple copies of the attached files; while it's easy to spot when that happens (and easy to remove the excess) it would be nice if it didn't happen in the first place.


The ability to click on a BCC hotlink is helpful (better than what I was expecting) but it would be nice to be able to set up BCC as a permanent setting in Preferences (other email clients allow this and have done for years - unless I'm missing something in Preferences?)

I use MS XP Pro with IE7 plus all current patches.


Posted by: barry s   |   August 3, 2009 8:06 PM    |   (41)

re: BCC in headers

i agree with comments 10 & 27 & the others that BCC should ALWAYS appear under CC as in the old versions of webmail.

the BCC line takes up, what, a quarter inch high worth of screen real estate?

showing the BCC field may encourage more people to use it when sending email to 2 or more users who don't know each other. using BCC cuts down on the chance that spammers will be able to harvest email addresses from emails that get forwarded all over the place, forever. having the BCC always there may encourage newbies to ask what it is, and after being educated on why one should use it, these folks will pick up a good habit.

having the BCC field always there means one won't have to go looking for how to turn it on, as in some email programs. (newbies on AOL always seem never to be able to locate how to turn on BCC.)

i too send a BCC to myself on all outgoing email. (suggestion: to always BCC ones self should be a new option to consider in preferences.) if i don't get my copy back in a reasonable amount of time then there may be a problem i would have to look into, or resend my email. the full headers on the BCC email show received times and internet hops that are different than the full headers in sent mail. i also do not use sent mail.

if you don't plan to make the BCC field permanent again under the CC field, could you at least please move the 'Show BCC' option link that's now on the RIGHT side over to the LEFT side, next to the field names between CC and SUBJECT? as we tab or click down these fields we mouse around in the left side of each field. having the Show BCC option on the right side means that we have to move over there just for one thing, interrupting the flow down the left side of the page. having it on the right also causes me to forget occasionally to go over there and click on it, thus losing a copy of that outgoing email. if the Show BCC link was adjacent to the CC/SUBJECT area i wouldn't neglect it as i have done. thnx.

Posted by: barry s   |   August 3, 2009 8:35 PM    |   (42)

re: #13 address book now split into multiple pages

i agree with "2. Don't much like having to click to view multiple pages of my address book. It was much easier to have a long scroll to click on names...". right now my Page One ends with a name starting with Fa. i have no idea on what page anyone else appears (2, 3, 4?). until i get used to this change, now after i hit the bottom of Page One with Fa, i have to scroll back up and click on a letter to get to someone following Fa.

(in the old version) most times it's easier and faster to scroll down the full list to find someone. versus clicking on a letter and being taken to a page with just that letter (clicking on a letter means sending a command to earthlink and waiting for a page refresh. scrolling means nothing having to travel the internet again.)

there's a box labeled "ALL" next to the letter A. i thought that if i clicked on ALL that i'd get ALL names on a single page as before. Nope. ALL isn't anything clickable, whether showing ALL or ALL GROUPS. so what's the ALL for next to A?

can we get back to a one page addressbook? or, if not, an option to have a choice between one and multiple pages?

i also preferred the addressbook page to show the Display names rather than the last/first names, as i had grouped some people by organization via a prefix, such as TBS, before their display name. when i wanted someone from that group i just scrolled to T and down to all my TBS people. this convention is in addition to setting up Groups, because i don't necessarily want to send a particular email to everyone in a group.


Posted by: Tom Lawson   |   August 5, 2009 10:14 PM    |   (43)

I use all 8 Earthlink email addresses,is there any way to have web mail check them all at once.I hate logging in and out for each address.

Currently there is not. If you use them all personally then you could forward 7 of them to one master.

Email Guy

Posted by: Kiki   |   August 11, 2009 9:45 PM    |   (44)

I was just getting comfy with the new iteration of Webmail--yay, more typefaces! Yay, I don't lose everything when switching to Rich Text Format. Generally, yay!

But then, suddenly, in the middle of a session today, little icons appeared for the drop-down menus (font, size, color, etc.) instead of what had been there before--and most of those little buttons stopped working. No font changes. No size changes. No color--text OR highlight. And if you open one of the drop-down menus, it won't close until you open another one; it just stays in the way while you type "behind" the menu. I can apparently type and send email, so long as I use the very small arial typeface without any embellishments, other than bold, underline, and italic. The buttons to center text and make lists, etc., do work, too, but all the typeface fun is gone.

The problems are in my Firefox browser. I went to my old, seldom-used Netscape to see if Webmail is broken there, too, and found that my Netscape Webmail comes up in the form from two iterations ago--just four fonts, choice between "plain" and "color and graphics," etc. (apparently my Netscape is considered so old that you send it to the "legacy" server). So I still don't know if if the problem is messing with everyone, or just those of us who use Firefox, or even just MY Firefox. Whatever it is, it ain't "Yay" today.

The problem with Firefox 2 should be fixed in the August release, or you can upgrade to FF 3 or 3.5 and it should work.

Email Guy

Posted by: Sarah M   |   August 16, 2009 10:30 PM    |   (45)

I started using Firefox 3.5.2. Periodically, when the email is set to Rich Text and I copy/paste text into the email from somewhere else I can not sync up the text size... Let's say I bring over some text from MS Word and some text is 10pt and some is 12pt. Even when I highlight the text in Earthlink and select FONT Arial then SIZE 12pt.... it stays a mix of 10 and 12pt.

Also, all of sudden today when I copy an internet address into the body of the email it won't turn into rich text or hyper link anymore even though the email is set for rich text.

Thanks, Sarah

Posted by: barry s   |   September 2, 2009 5:40 PM    |   (46)

re #34

bug report:

this has started to happen to me, now for a few weeks, and in the Camino browser on a Mac. it started AFTER i had last visited these blog pages and read #34 on 8/3.

i get this error message:

"Redirect Loop

"Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are blocked.

"The browser has stopped trying to retrieve the requested item. The site is redirecting the request in a way that will never complete.

* Have you disabled or blocked cookies required by this site?
* NOTE: If accepting the site's cookies does not resolve the problem, it is likely a server configuration issue and not your computer.

Try Again"

the URL for this error page today is https://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/login.jsp?redirect=%2Fwam%2FSendmail&errorkey=login.inactive&x=-988980783

it occurs only if i've been away from webmail for a while. if i'm actively using webmail, no problem. leave webmail, later return to my open window, click on anything (check mail, a folder, write message, ...) and this error shows up. 'later' means an hour or so, not 24 hours requiring me to re-login.

i've never had 'time out' errors with netcom/mindspring/earthlink webmail since i left dialup in 2000.

(i'm on comcast cable, not earthlink dialup.)

clicking on 'try again' sometimes, i think, works and sometimes it doesn't. so i then go to https://webmail.earthlink.net , where i am taken directly to my Inbox, not to the login page. so it knows i'm online.

(i reverted back to the old version of webmail after i posted my feedback 41 & 42 above on the new version.)

i haven't blocked cookies. if i had then webmail would *never* work properly, right?

what has caused me to finally post this bug report is that today i spent about 2 hours composing a new message, compiling stuff from several websites, files on my computer, stuff in my head. hit send, and boom--above error message, message not sent, lost in the ether. i've been actively on webmail since around 130pm today, and around 3pm started composing that looong email. so that period of composing, remaining on the one page, earthlink considered as inactive and returned the error message upon hitting send, around 5pm. damn. why is it that the only newly-composed email messages i lose are the looong ones???

now clicking on my browser's back button takes me back to ALL the various pages i've visited over the past several hours, including to message composition windows of messages sent this afternoon. but that loooong email i wrote and attempted to send a few minutes ago is lost.


p.s. you don't post my posts about beta testing the 1gb inbox. can you email me privately why?


Posted by: Rose   |   September 11, 2009 6:20 AM    |   (47)

I've never commented before. Long time user. Can you change the advertisements on the Start-up web mail page? I can't look at the seniors in the center of the page any longer. Thanks. BTW I like the new Web mail layout.

Posted by: barry s   |   October 1, 2009 9:00 PM    |   (48)

re: 46

still getting that same 'redirect loop' error message when i have, effectively, instead been timed out due to perceived inactivity.

now when i return after a while to my open webmail window, instead of clicking on 'check mail' or 'inbox' or 'write message', i just go to my bookmarked https://webmail.earthlink.net link, which will take me back to an updated Inbox page (not to the login page).

i try to remember to copy the text of my new email compositions if i haven't had any 'activity' for more than a few minutes, just in case the new messages disappear after clicking on Send. but again, after working on another loooong email today, this time over 5 hours, i forgot to copy the text, hit send, got the redirect loop error, and all my work is gone.

(i reverted back to the old version of webmail.)

any comment?

also, any reply as to why no 1GB beta opportunity for me?


The redirect loop will be fixed in about a week. The GB beta hasn't had new invitations in a few months, but I'll make sure you're on the list.

Email Guy

Posted by: Ellen Hall   |   November 26, 2009 6:41 PM    |   (49)

Hoping to soon be able to SEARCH ALL FOLDERS for quick sorting, instead of just one folder at a time with several clicks in between. Thank for doing a terrific job!

Posted by: barry s   |   December 7, 2009 8:06 AM    |   (50)

re: 48, and your reply.

1. the redirect timeout problem seems to have been fixed within the past 10 days or so, definitely not back in Oct. thnx.

2. still would appreciate a 1gb invite! thnx for adding me to the list. i can't buy more than the present 400mb of storage, as that's your max.

3. and i agree with the suggestion in 49! as well as making the inbox the default choice for search rather than 'select folder'.

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