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Update - 07/21/09

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Update
Date: July 21, 2009 12:50 PM
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All blog feedback has been caught up today, so check your comments.

We're actively working on Web Mail 6.1 to fix some bugs that have been reported in the new release, and to finish a few enhancements. I hope to release that within the next couple of weeks. All the feedback that came in via the Feedback mailbox (link at the top of Web Mail) has been very helpful. Here's some highlights of the massive amount of feedback we received after the new release.

  • Typically almost all regular feedback email is to report a problem or complain about something (which is usually good, we need to know) with maybe 5% just emailing to compliment us on something we did right. But this time, in the week following the new release 31% of all feedback was pure praise from users who love the new interface, feel like it is faster, or like the new features. For comparison, less than 10% was from users who either said they prefer the old interface, or they don't feel like changing and chose to opt-out to what is familiar. We provided the convenient opt-out to keep those users happy, and in fact less than 3% of all users have actually opted-out of the new interface after 3 weeks.

  • The other 60% of the feedback was normal stuff like bug reports and enhancement requests, with the user neither complaining or praising. We received hundreds of good suggestions for enhancements and improvements, and we will be using those to prioritize things and guide some upcoming tweaks.

  • Many people asked for a way to save the Rich/Plain compose setting between sessions, and that is coming in the very next release, as a new selection in Preferences. We're also adding more options to the rich text compose in the upcoming release. Then in a subsequent release we will also allow you to save all your preferred font settings (size, color, etc) between sessions.

  • We also got a lot of good feedback about things that initially confused people, and we're working on making some of those more intuitive.

Thanks for all the good feedback.


Posted by: Voula Heffernan   |   July 26, 2009 10:46 PM    |   (1)

I did report this earlier but not sure it went to the correct location. I notice problems using spell check while writing in a draft message. Spell check does not work at all in draft messages. (This began after the upgrades to the new system.) The text comes up in the large field, but none of the other fields (word that is being checked, etc) have anything in them...all blank. Also when writing in a draft, the automatic underlines to focus on misspellings are not working. I have a Mac with a Safari 4.0.2. And... I have appreciated all the work that went into the changes and am so sorry to be bringing up something that is not working. But... I believe you want to iron out the glitches.

We'll check this on that browser version, it is working on other browsers.

Email Guy

Posted by: Ann M   |   July 27, 2009 7:55 PM    |   (2)

I do like the new interface, and am frustrated that it "went away" when I clicked "Use the previous email." (I thought maybe doing that would bring up my other earthlink email address...WRONG.) So how do get the new interface back, for both my email addresses?

There is a link to come back under the quota bar.

Email Guy

Posted by: C E   |   August 16, 2009 8:30 PM    |   (3)

An update for you...
There is no need to reset my account now. I was able to fix it finally by using the javascript from my other account that was not broken.

One thing I wouldn't mind though, is seeing that row of options to use the New Webmail (those links on the top right of which you spoke), when sometime in the future the developers get the three items fixed that I noted in my post yesterday and previously, ...unfortunately the links do not seem to be present in the old version webmail display.

Posted by: Charles Tibbals   |   August 17, 2009 5:20 PM    |   (4)

I generally like the new Web Mail interface EXCEPT for the ease of MANUALLY adding company domain names to my Whitelist of email addresses. Oh, it's possible, and I can do it, but it is very unintuitive as compared to the old interface. Please consider making the MANUAL addition of Whitelist entries, both individual email addresses and allowed company domains, a more prominent and obvious procedure.


I agree, and that feature will be much more prominent and easy to find in the release coming out this month.

Email Guy

Posted by: Glenn Housley   |   August 18, 2009 8:01 PM    |   (5)

Can you set up the login page so that the "Remember me on this computer" box can be accessed with only one or at most two tabs after entering the password. Currently it is not accessible at all by tabbing (only accessible via mouse click). In the prior release it seemed to take at least eight or ten clicks.

When I first signed up for web mail, it could be accessed with only one or two tabs after the the password and could be checked to yes by hitting the space bar.


Glenn Housley

Posted by: Vince   |   August 21, 2009 11:36 AM    |   (6)

Love the new interface, but still waiting (for years now) for the ability to toggle to another email account without logging out and back in...

One improvement to the new interface I would like to recommend is to make the "logout" link stand out from the rest of the upper interface. I find I have to actually focus on which hyperlink I must choose, instead of simply clicking on an intuitive location or button.
A simple colored button amongst all the hyperlinks would do the trick!

Thanks for the great work so far!


Posted by: C E   |   August 22, 2009 12:53 AM    |   (7)

After a week of the webmail working again, I am now getting errors while trying to login, Problem loading Page, URL says "https://undefined-abtest/wam/wamrss.jsp?redirect=%2Fwam%2Findex.jsp"

The old saying goes, if it ain't breoke, don't fix it. Welp, now it seems to be more broke than fixed :|

Posted by: Jeff   |   September 5, 2009 1:56 PM    |   (8)

Hey webmail guy...First, a complement...thanks the new Webmail (v6). I'm especially greatful for the address book fixes, and for the ability to attach more than three attachments. Thanks! Now for the bad news...If I move a message out of my inbox and into a folder, then move that same message back to the inbox, the message goes to the top of the message list, INSTEAD OF going back to it's original position (based on the default sort of 'date'). Another, probably related bug, is when I move messages into folders, they appear in the order that they were placed there, again, not in the default sort order of 'date'. This is VERY frustrating when using the prev/next links inside a message, because the prev/next message is not in date order. What can you do about this? (I'd like to think it's something that I'm doing wrong, but I don't think so!)

This is a known issue. Clicking the Date column header puts them in order by the Date header in the message, but the default sort is by when they arrive in a folder.

Email Guy

Posted by: Jeff   |   September 5, 2009 6:52 PM    |   (9)

Here's what seems to be a bug in the Address Book Import...you cannot import a file that has "Company" in the header (even though it will export that way from Webmail).

Posted by: Darren   |   September 15, 2009 10:04 PM    |   (10)

heya Email Guy --

Piggybacking on Jeff's problem of September 5th (where the date order of messages in the Inbox gets all scrambled if one moves messages in & out of other folders) I've used the Date column header trick you mentioned, which works -- for a while. But after reading a few messages, all of a sudden it'll default back to scrambled again. I've tried quitting WebMail and then restarting it, but nothing keeps the date order in sequence. Any way to make the Date command stay put?

Thanks for all your help!

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