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Some updates on a few things - 12/04/09

From: Email Guy
Subject:       Some updates on a few things
Date: December 4, 2009 12:08 PM
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I haven't been able to spend much time answering comments lately, but I've read them and published them (and I always read them). I'll get some individual ones answered today. Here is an update on some current issues which you have reported:

  • A number of people have reported the new bug where forwarding or replying to messages is enforcing a size limit less than 10MB. We have fixed this now, and should get the update released in the next couple of weeks. Currently you can only forward about 6 to 7 MB in one message. For techies who are interested, the last release is incorrectly checking size after email encoding instead of before, which means the limit is about 35% lower than it should be. This problem doesn't happen with new messages, only forwards or replies.
  • For users who have opted to use the older Web Mail interface (or are forced to with old browsers), the duplicate sending problem is still occurring, and the "internal error" message after sending happens occasionally. Those are also fixed in the upcoming release.
  • We did have a partial outage on Tuesday of this week where some users could not log into their mailbox, and delivery of incoming messages was delayed. That was fixed Tuesday night.
  • For a few days some users reported getting timeouts when sending a message from Web Mail, and that problem is resolved.


Posted by: Susan   |   December 11, 2009 4:00 PM    |   (1)

Two comments: I am still having problems with "hangs" when I hit "send" on a message via webmail. Using a mac that has both Safari and Firefox on it. I have found a very odd workaround; have one of my accounts open to webmail in Safari and another account open to webmail in Firefox. When I try to send a message in the safari account and it seems to get hung up, go over to the Firefox account and have it check for new mail -- the safari account will then complete the send. The first time or two this happened I thought it was coincidence but after having a couple of messages just appear to time out if I left them alone, yet always send OK if I use the "firefox" trick, I think it's worth bringing to your attention.

The other thing I'm seeing is somewhat more distressing. Every so often when I flip back to the web mail inbox screen (from a different window or job, say from a text processor back to a browser) it will appear to have new messages in my inbox that seem to "vanish" when I try to do anything with them or if I use the "check mail" button. This happened again about 3:30 on 12/11/2009 and this time I'm rather worried, because the title on one of the "vanishing" messages is something I really would want to know about! (I got a message earlier in the day titled "2010 ILCOR CPR and ECC worksheets now available for public comment", which is still in my inbox, and the "vanishing" message was titled something like "Followup/Response to 2010 ILCOR CPR and ECC worksheets now available for public comment" . That could be rather important to me).

The "vanishing" messages do not appear to be in the "trash" folder (I have it set to NOT do immediate deletes).

Any ideas?

Posted by: Louis A. Carliner   |   December 30, 2009 12:25 PM    |   (2)

There are two features I would like to see added:
1. Adding the "Spam" button to the bar just above the preview panel.
2. Adding to the same bar a "Report Fraud" button to automate the process of reporting phishing and other fraud attempts.
What this function would do it would first (a) put up a form with check boxes for the user to aid in reporting reasons why he believes this email may be fraudulent, with typical boxes for "grammatical or spelling errors", URL references formatted in a manner to disguise the true website, request for entry of personal information such as passwords and user id, etc. (b), an automated script would be invoked to capture all of the heading details and the true source code that is typically requested by investigatory sites, packaging all of the captured information for transmission and routing to the appropriate destinations that would have specialists to route the information to the site of what the victim or prospective victim believes that made the request (like banks and other institutions) so that measures can be taken to protect the consumer. My mother used to say that if one wants another person to perform a task, make it as easy as possible for him/her to do so.

Posted by: Martin   |   December 31, 2009 5:45 AM    |   (3)

Is there ANY information at all that you can provide on the additional space that was supposed to be added to our accounts? I really want to continue using my Earthlink email that I have used for years but with todays standards, a few hundred MB of space isn't cutting it anymore.


Posted by: Karen   |   April 3, 2010 12:35 AM    |   (4)

My suspect e-mail box doesn't automatically empty--even though the setting is at 14 days. Will this bug be fixed (or is it just my computer)?

There is a problem where some mailboxes are not expiring the messages in Suspect and Trash, and that will be fixed shortly.

Email Guy

Posted by: sarah   |   June 3, 2011 4:52 PM    |   (5)

My earthlink e-mail doesn't hold much and is always saying it is full. How can I get alot more space?

Thanks! Sarah

Posted by: Nathan Rosen   |   November 3, 2011 2:09 PM    |   (6)

I am still trying to get back automatic Log-In for my Web Mail.
You have given it in the past after my hitting the Web Mail Button several times. You said (
it was fixed ) in the Chat Session a couple of days ago, It still does not Log-In STILL.

Posted by: Sandy Harrington   |   November 14, 2011 9:28 AM    |   (7)

I am a realtor and I am having contracts not reach me because of size.
I have had your service since 2002 and never had problem before

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